Spring Project!

We needed new carpet in the basement.  Needed it since we bought the home seven years ago, but I am pretty good at living with old carpeting.  In our last home we waited to replace the old carpet until we were ready to move.  This time, I intend to do it sooner so that we can enjoy it.  One room is done.  Two to go!

Decided to use Flor carpet tiles, and I am very pleased with the result.  I like that the tiles are made in the USA and the ones we chose are made of recycled materials.  Also like that I can install them myself.  The final clincher is that we can remove individual tiles to clean them.  These tiles can even be washed in the sink, dried and then put them back in place.  Pretty cool.  My parents were in the commercial floor covering business and were always singing the praises of carpet tiles, saying that hospitals and airports like to use them due to their durability and ease of replacement.    

With a good carpet knife, the tiles are very easy to cut.  Remember to replace the blade often so that you are always working with a sharp one.  I used two 2-sided blades to make the cuts in this room.  Even complex shapes are easy to make right.  I’d sometimes lay a paper guide in place and trace the obstructions with an X-Acto knife, then lay the paper on the back of the carpet tile to guide my cuts.  That worked well.  I didn’t botch a single cut and my hands are intact!  Winning!  

I have to wait for Lacey to get home from work so we can move the couch into place.  My father cautioned me against sliding heavy objects over the tiles.  I never ignore his advice, and this seems extra special spot-on.  Anyway, it is easier to catch a good image of the floor before the furniture is in place.

I like the random stripes in the tiles we chose.  Now that it is down, I think the design echoes the striations you’d see in vinyl tile in the 1950s.  As such, I think this pattern looks good in our 50’s home.  Overall, the project had  very high satisfaction to effort ratio, and would recommend for your next floor covering project.

Happy Friday!


10 responses to “Spring Project!

  1. But… what about the circus murals?? A basement’s gotta have circus murals. Next on the list no doubt.

    • I’ll leave the carpet tile inlay work to the pros. My parents installers used to be pretty fancy with that stuff when needed. I wish I had pictures. I am sure they could have made circus murals happen. Hope to see you soon. Mahar’s tonight, if you are interested!

  2. Looks amazing! Good work.

  3. It’s perfect with the furniture. I also enjoy the random stripes, it gives it a sense of elevated design. SO clean.

  4. Nicely done, Mr. Putnam. I’m impressed with your work around the door jambs! We used these tiles in our kitchen and chose them for all the same reasons. They’ve really held up well in that environment – even with the dog. We’re lucky that Brutus doesn’t care much for wiping his ass on the floor in our house, but the few times he does, he uses the FLOR tiles in the kitchen. They must be just the right texture. Good thing they clean up well!

    Sent you a Skype “invite” a while back, but haven’t heard from you. Maybe I didn’t do that correctly. I have no experience with Skype. Let me know if you didn’t get it. Let me know if you did get it and we’ll make some type to meet up.

    • Hello! Glad to hear you are having good luck with the tiles. Not glad to hear they make good doggie tp. Frida has done that on occasion, so I will have to keep an eye on her.

      Call on the landline to Skype. We rarely launch the program so we’d never know you were trying. Would love to catch up!

      Love to you and yours.

  5. You did an excellent installation even though I’m biased! Glad you decided on the tile…..Love, Mom

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