Metal Pedals Are Dangerous, Too

Public Bikes with Wellgo pedals have been recalled.  Kudos to Public for announcing the recall on their homepage (but they need to correct the reference to models years 2010 to 2011 to read 2010 to 2012, and “safety update” is a little soft–“recall” would be the more responsible characterization).  Summary?  Twenty-four reports of the pedals cracking (presumably at the spindle), no injuries.  I wonder how injury is defined in government recall land?  Hard to imagine a pedal cracking without something tender getting bonked.  Wellgo is a big outfit making (to my knowledge) mostly pedals.  I am surprised they produce any pedal that runs into problems.  Granted, they probably face significant pressure to cut costs as their pedals most often show up on lower priced bicycles.  Here, though, we see Wellgo pedals on a $1,250 bicycle.  If you’ve purchased a mass-produced bicycle, pedals are too often cheap afterthoughts.  Don’t wait for the injury or the recall.  Consider upgrading yours today!  I trust any pedal from MKS.

Other?  This is disturbing, but not surprising.  I should be more clear.  The disturbing but not surprising part is that the NYPD was historically not required to file accident reports for accidents involving bicycles.  I’ve experienced the second class citizen treatment when I was hit (and no ticket issued), which is why I am not surprised.  Glad that the disparity has been resolved (but still no guaranty of a ticket being issued–that’s an officer’s discretion it seems).  However, it sounds like a disparity remains in that accident investigators are not required to be dispatched in bicycle-versus-car accidents unless someone is killed or is considered “likely to die.”  Yikes.  City Councilman Stephen Levin (D-Brooklyn) proposed a  bill to correct this, commenting that  “there have been several cases not properly investigated by police because the victim wasn’t likely to die, including one in which a woman broke her back.”  Double Yikes.  What does it mean to propose a bill versus introduce it.  Proposing a bill sounds like something less.  Like maybe it is just a sound bite.  We should know.  NYSBC–are you out there?

Let’s try to be more careful.  Let’s equip and maintain our bicycles responsibly and ride in a way that there is no need for accident reports or investigators.  As is so often the case, we can’t count on others to look out for us.

Enjoy your weekend!


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