Good Sign

From Denton, Texas, here.  Go Denton!

Pedaled to the grocery and back with my trailer.  Not a single close pass.  I think people give me more room when I am pulling my trailer.  I have a cargo trailer so I don’t think they are worried about squishing a tot, but I guess they just aren’t used to trailers so they give more room.  If you want a trailer, consider a tot trailer trailer instead of a cargo specific model.  Even if you are totless.  You can still haul groceries in a tot trailer, but you’ll get the added benefit of people assuming there is a kid in there so they will probably give you extra luxurious amounts of room when they pass.  Also, you could try taking a pooch for a ride.  Not all pooches would enjoy it, but I know some have had luck with it.  You probably know that dog specific trailers are produced, too, right?  The one that catches my eye is the Wike from Canada.  No, wait!  Burley makes one now too!  The Tailwagon.  Looks very cool, and made in the USA.  I know Burley makes great products so I’d probably just for that one.

I bought the Burley Nomad trailer instead of a tot trailer before the added benefits of the tot trailer were obvious to me.  Even today, there is a slim chance I’d stick with a cargo trailer should I ever need to replace my Nomad.  A bit of ego at work here.  No trailer looks cool, but the cargo trailer might be 5% cooler than a tot trailer.  Lower, anyway.  Like the difference between a station wagon and a minivan.  Not much difference, really, but you know what I mean.  If you don’t know what I mean, skip the cargo trailer and win!



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