The Other King

Still at the Craigslist (after confirming that my Mega Millions tickets FAILED).  A post offering Chris King waterbottle cages had me checking King Cage‘s website.  As far as I know, Chris King doesn’t make waterbottle cages, but King Cage makes waterbottle cages and more in Durango, Colorado.  The mix up is probably very common, right?

I have a couple King Cage waterbottle cages and am very impressed, but I never bothered going to their site.  I am glad I just did.  Have you seen King’s Foot Cage?

Sad to admit that the first thing I thought of was Hannibal Lechter’s bite mask.  Good that they didn’t work that reference into the marketing.  Yuck.  Happier thoughts?  The King Foot Cages appear to be designed to easily accommodate hiking boots.  An important accommodation if you want to pedal in the winter.  Remember the MKS Deep toeclips I wrote about here?  I showed how the MKS Deep toeclips accept chunkier boots than standard toeclips, but the King Foot Cages look roomier still.  That was surely King’s aim.  Few folks would be interested in spending $50 on toeclips that closely matched the industry standard set by MKS (which sell for about $15).  Or maybe I am wrong.  Brooks seems to be offering exactly that (and maybe if I lived in England those are the toeclips I would buy).

King’s Foot Cages are well-differentiated not only in design, one should know they are made in the USA from USA specced materials by a manufacturer that has a well-established reputation for quality brazing.  All of that together makes the King Foot Cages look like winners to me.  Let me know if you have a pair.  Are they as good as they look?

An aside, I find it strange I can’t find the name of the founder of the company.  Mr. King, is it?  The site says the founder started at Fat City Cycles and also worked for Ibis Cycles, Merlin Metalworks, Jo Breeze Cycles, Ted Wojac cycles, and Yeti Cycles, so maybe Mike Flanigan knows him.  Doesn’t really matter.  Just curious.

As I write, the news is cycling through stories about the lottery.  The more I think about it, if I can get this excited about a $50 pair of toeclips, I probably don’t need to win the lottery.  Life is good as is.  Have a great weekend!


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