Yes Folks

It is easy to forget your imaginary problems when the temps flirt with sixty for the first time in a spell.  

I worked as much as there was work to do and then pedaled my black ANT downtown, with trailer, to get coffee beans and gifts for friends.  Stopped on the way to return that terrible book which I will not name.  Glad to be shed of it.  I started off with a hoodie, jean jacket, thin hat and gloves, but as I left downtown I stowed the hat and gloves in the trailer.  Pedaling without hat or gloves for the first time in a new year is a special kind of good.  From downtown, I pedaled to the co-op to pick up supplemental groceries and a bag of potting soil (which I paid for on Saturday but forgot to pick up on my way out).  Then home.  All in one hour and fifteen minutes.  Steady pedaling without too much pressure on the pedals.  No heavy breathing.  I’d normally expect that when pulling a bag of dirt in the spring.  The time on the rollers is paying dividends.

Loving the Velosteel hub.  Coasting and braking make urban pedaling so much more pleasant.  I had a close pass and did nothing.  The fellow even stopped at a light and I waited patiently behind him.  No words.  No gestures.  Just caught my breath and counted my blessings.  Progress?  I sure hope so.  Gotta get something in exchange for getting old.  

Set up the seed starting station in the basement and picked out seeds to start indoors, seeds to start in the ground at the community garden and seeds to start in the ground at home.  This year I am steering clear of ground vining stuff.  So no pumpkins.  No watermelon.  No squash.  Just not enough room.  Except cucumbers.  Gotta have cucumbers for dill pickles.  I think I will go heavy on pole beans and snap peas.  Greens, too, except I will add to the dino kale some flat leaf stuff and sone mustard greens.  Some tomatoes.  Maybe some tomatillos.  Herbs, to be sure.  Cabbage and beets.  Some lettuce and more herbs at home.  I planted garlic last fall.  That’s always nice.  I am still eating garlic I pulled up last year.  So much to anticipate!  Let the growing begin!

I hope you are having an especially nice day in your town, too.


4 responses to “Yes Folks

  1. Wow, I’m excited to see how the indoor growth turns out! I’m always envious of those who are able to grow their own food. I can never seem to motivate myself to do it and/or maintain it.

    • Thanks for saying so! Growing veggies is easy, but it does take diligence. Seeds started inside require attention twice daily for a month or so. Miss one session and you can lose the bunch. Seeds started in the ground are not as needy, but still require attention once daily (although rain can give you a day off here and there). Once the seeds come up, I get so excited that I am compelled to nurture them. I couldn’t do otherwise. You should give it a try (or try again). It is really satisfying.

      Enjoy spring!

  2. Hot peppers (not too hot)
    Sweet, thick fleshed peppers
    Red and yellow cherry tomatoes
    It’s my little salsa garden.

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