Heavy Weather

At 5:00 this morning a storm system spawned tornadoes that took six lives in Harrisburg, Illinois.  Sounds like tornadoes hit six other states, too.  The images from Harrisburg are terrible.  A related system is now here with snow.

It is easy to be thankful for what I have in the face of images of devastation a few states to the West.  I am thankful for an intact roof and heat so I can bring Frida inside (and for Lacey and Frida).  

I am thankful for the electricity and internet that allowed me to catch up with work emails received overnight.  At the very moment I was reviewing documents, making comments and adjusting my documents, the tornadoes were tearing down neighborhoods in Illinois.  

I am thankful for a working electric stove.  I used it to make some tamarind chutney.  Tastes delicious, but in this context I feel kind of silly writing about it.  How do we separate ourselves from the suffering around us?  How do we ever manage to enjoy life?

My working electric oven heated a back bean and white Diaya burrito topped with with enchilada sauce that my freezer had preserved since I made it last summer.  Months of uninterrupted power.  More tornadoes are forming just now in Kentucky.  Hard to make sense of it all, side by side.

What a day.  Take care.


2 responses to “Heavy Weather

  1. Such a nice post. It’s always good to remind myself to be grateful and thankful for what I have and your post did just that! What a cute puppy too!

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