Also known as the wild lime tree.  I bought a small variety three or so years ago from the Four Winds Growers.  It spends summer on the patio in a pot and comes inside for the winter (getting light from florescent tube bulbs on a timer).  

I am really surprised how well it is doing.  Still just three feet tall, but new branches and leaves grow when I remove leaves for cooking and this year it started fruiting.  So many wild limes from such a small tree. 

The leaves and fruit zest are used in Thai dishes, but since I bought it I all but stopped cooking Thai dishes.  Murphy’s Law.  That’s got to change.  I saved the fruit in the fridge as it fell from the branches.  I had a dozen and some were starting to brown, so I squeezed the lot of them and made a lime-ade by adding to the juice water and agave nectar.  So good!  

Just once I tried the juice in a cocktail.  It was enough different from cultivated limes that I won’t likely try that again.  The lime-ade, though, was perfect.  Not sure why the difference.  I read today that some folks use the juice for cleaning and stain removal.  Yikes!  Powerful stuff.

The cardinal started tapping on the downstairs window as I am writing this, so I grabbed the camera to see if I could catch him.

Blurry (and I swear I just cleaned that window), but there he is.  He knocks and peeps, but flies a few bushes away if I come out.  Hmm.  Ideas?

That’s enough.  I need to get back to work.  Plenty to do just now.  Be well.


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