Spent the second half of last week in San Francisco for work.  I was there to help put together a financing for this place.  Thanks to the good and kind folks at Oakmont Senior Living, the world is getting better all the time.

San Francisco is a fine town which is a little less finer now that Ananda Fuara doesn’t serve breakfast.  Vegan breakfast on the road is often challenging, but AF used to set me up with a great scrambled tofu, side of guacamole, fried potatoes and toast and jam.  That’d carry me through to lunch no worries.  Worry I do, when I am on the road.  Working from home means I need never be peckish–yummy and varied snacks are always at hand.  I forgive AF.  I’d often be the only one in there at breakfast, so I am not surprised they stopped serving it (but understanding doesn’t fill the vegan belly).

It being San Francisco,  there are other places for vegans to get breakfast, but they are a train ride away from downtown (mostly in the Mission) so I have just given up.  Thankfully, giving up no longer means a Clif Bar and a Mango Tango Odwalla (the best breakfast as far as cold premade things go, but something warm is always nice).  Giving up now means hitting Starbucks for a nice cup of oatmeal with nuts and fruit.  Have them make it with soy milk.  So much better.  I used to assume that they made the oatmeal with hot cow milk, so I have always asked them to sub in soy milk.  Two breakfasts ago I forgot to ask for soy milk and was getting ready for a bowl of cow milk oatmeal (I wouldn’t toss it and was curious to taste cow milk after a decade away).  Turns out when you don’t say anything they make the oatmeal with water.  I guess they think you’ll head over to the customer drink adjusting area and add some milk from their carafes (’cause you gotta have some sort of creamy something in there).  Let me tell you–their oatmeal without soymilk BLOWS!  Their soy milk must have a fair amount of sugar and salt in it.  Adding it to their oatmeal makes all the difference.  Try it when you are in a vegan breakfast jam.  You won’t be disappointed.

I get into vegan breakfast jams at home, too.  One can have only so many bowls of cold cereal in a row (and sausage gravy on toast can’t happen too often at my age lest I lose my husky girl figure).  What to do?  Allow me share my latest creation:

‘Tis peanut butter, raisins and candied ginger on toast.  I’ll say so for myself–WOW!  It is a simple little creative gift to you.  Do it soon.

Can you tell we had a quiet weekend?  Didn’t land until midnight on Friday. Much time in bed on Saturday, a bit of which included a nice documentary about Charles and Ray Eames.  We streamed it from Netflix, but it looks like you can watch the whole of it here.  Mahar’s on Saturday was good.  Good friends and an Old Speckled Hen cask conditioned ale from England treated me well.  Dinner at Curry House also hit the mark.  Today, more chilling.  Life is good just now.

As I type, I was visited again by a cardinal that has been trying to get into our house for years now.  Just the one, same one, I am sure of it.  Not sure who it is in that cute little red body, but they know me and want desperately to hang out.  Most often the little fellow knocks his beak against a downstairs bathroom window at about 10:30 am, but just now he knocked on the living room window, upstairs, at 5:30 pm.  Hardly a day goes by without him saying hello.  If I were even 10% more hippy, I’d open the window and let him in.  As it is, I just get kind of sad that he works so hard to say hello and that’s the end of it.  Very strange.

Enough blathering.  Just wanted to say hi.

Be well.


4 responses to “Yup

  1. I’ve been to San Francisco several times on business and really enjoyed it.

  2. My dad has always, always made oatmeal with water, and I never, never liked oatmeal. Until I was a starving student in England (where I never could seem to get warm) and started making oatmeal on my own in a desperate bid to have a cheap hot breakfast. Craving something filling (I never could seem to get enough to eat), I made it with half water and half cow milk. It was delicious! Now I continue the tradition with soy or hemp milk.

    I love your candied ginger + peanut butter + raisins idea! My brekkie standby is a toasted bagel with peanut butter and bittersweet chocolate chips…maybe I’ll add some candied ginger to that one day!

    • How is it possible I have never put chocolate chips on peanut butter on toast? I must be repressed in the kitchen. Whatever the reason, thanks for the encouragement!

      Thanks using some of your time to stop by and drop a note. Hope you are well!

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