Three Things

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Lacey bought a couple of nice bicycle-themed books for me. I have the best Valentine (I got Lacey a bottle of Booker’s–a little anesthetic to soothe the pain of living with me)!  So, first up is Cyclopedia by William Fotheringham.  It doesn’t try to cover it all, but I am sure to learn much as I work my way through it.  For instance, the first entry gives me a short bio for a Uzbeki sprinter nicknamed the Terminator whose style terrified onlookers and influenced the likes of Cavendish.  Won’t find that in Britannica!

Second up is The Lost Cyclist by David Herlihy.  It tells the story of Frank Lenz of Pittsburgh and his global cycling adventures in the late 1800s.  He raced ordinaries but enjoyed the transition to safeties as they became available.  Should be a fun read! 

Third, I present the world’s cutest wrench.  The Crescent Tool Company was founded in 1907 in Jamestown, NY.

A photo of an old Crescent factory in Jamestown can be seen here.  You surely know the company name.   As many people refer to adjustable wrenches as crescent wrenches as folks call tissues kleenex.  I wasn’t aware of the connection to NY state, but I am not surprised.  This place gave birth to so many manufacturing companies.  Here’s to hoping it gives birth to many more.

Still pedaling both indoors and out.  Not a bunch, but much more than is typical for me over a winter.  Really pleased.  It will be nice to enjoy Spring rides with a bit of conditioning.  Thinking about starting seeds for the garden, too.  It is all too exciting for words (so I will stop with the writing).  I need to work anyway.



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