The Fudge

What the fudge?  I present the fudge:

Ray’s indoor mountain bike heaven.  Please remind me why I do not live in Milwaukee.  Oh right.  Because I would lose my job once it was discovered I was at the park all day every day.

Speak to you soon.


6 responses to “The Fudge

  1. Hey Randal, Two things related to this that I thought you might be interested in :
    1) There’s also a Ray’s in Cleveland. I’ve never been, but several friends that I mountain bike with locally have gone out there & they’ve all had a great time:
    2) More importantly, there’s a similar indoor facility opening very soon right here in upstate NY (specifically Syracuse). There’s a lot of excitement in the MTB’ing community about this:

  2. Bizarre- teh hundreds of hours that must have been spent building that place, that could have been spent out riding…

  3. I should have added- nevertheless, thanks for sharing!
    We try the dream-sent uncrabcakes soon…

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