A video for you.

Missed pedaling outside yesterday, but the rollers treated me well.  This winter I’ve rediscovered the pleasures of a nice session atop the spinning blue pins.  Not sure what changed (they sat unused so many winters), but I’m glad they are around when the mood strikes.

Missed Mahar’s last night, but enjoyed very much a beer-fueled evening with our neighbors.  I am loving our Friday ritual at our local bar, but I love our neighbors more.

Missed cooking yesterday, but leftover rice, black eyed peas and kale soup made a nice lunch and Little Anthony’s delivered to our door a rock star dinner for four for $30 (tip not included).  One black olive stromboli, one jalapeno stromboli, one buffalo chicken sub and one philly cheese steak sub.  The buffalo chicken sub was my favorite.  Ordered spicy, it sported thin fried cuts of seitan slathered in very hot sauce on a roll with lettuce, tomato and red onions.  Closest thing to a spicy half from Harold’s Chicken Shack since I left Chicago.  An order of fries would seal the deal.   I will surely be ordering that sandwich (with fries) more than I should.  The jalapeno stromboli finished a very close second.  Loaded with so many jalapenos, maybe fresh but definitely not in vinegar, that each bite hurt just right.  The other two sandwiches were chest forward at the tape in the race to my pie hole (and were a welcome oasis for those with tender mouths).  So good!  Thanks Little Anthony’s!

Have a nice weekend!


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