Today we accepted a friend’s invitation to ski with him at Lapland Lake Nordic Vacation Center.  What a place!  The Center is in Northville, New York.  North from many places, but it is at the southern edge of the Adirondack Park.  An hour and a half drive for us.

Tough winter for ski centers in New York.  Mid-January and this place has been open this season for only nine days!  The snow wasn’t deep, but it was very nice.  They groom the trails so once there is enough snow, more doesn’t really make things better.  We started with an easy loop in the direction of Woods Lake.  Not Lapland Lake.  Near as I can tell, there isn’t a Lapland Lake in the vicinity.  Maybe in Finland?  Here’s the lake.  Sign said not to ski on it, so we didn’t.  I saw ice fishing huts on Sacandaga, though, so I am guessing the makers of the few tracks on Woods Lake weren’t risking much.

We had lunch at the lodge.   Bowls of their excellent vegetable chili treated us well.  Sated, we headed up into the hills for some proper work (and proper downhill rewards).  Lacey has spent the least time on skis but had no problem putting together a solid day of fun.

While we were out there, an auction ended for a Bridgestone RB-T.  Not the year I want, but it is the only Bridgestone that I admire that I don’t have.  Proud to report I didn’t even think about it.  Just enjoyed the skiing!

I should try to stay busy.

That’s that.  Be well!


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