I’ve decided white bar tape is the shit.  Especially on bikes with white cables and accent graphics.  There is not enough sun here to make a proper picture, but you get the idea.

Again with the matching hemp twine finished bar tape ends (this time reused from the bars that were on the Bridgestone Grand Velo 3000).  I (say myself that I) am on a roll of excellence.

In the next few hours, as our friends try (for the second time in two days) to fly here for a visit, a big, slow-moving weather front will move in.  The temperature will drop ten degrees and precipitation will start in earnest.  They are scheduled to land at 4:00 (just like they were yesterday when a weather cancellation stranded them at home).  That’s when the driving is supposed to get tricky (with rain turning to ice).  What?  The?  Fudge?

Let’s pretend it isn’t January in upstate New York.

Instead, let’s pretend it’s August in Provincetown.

After an ocean romp, it is time for a nap in the brightest sun ever recorded in ones and zeros.

I don’t want to believe our friends are visiting here, now, as some mind bendingly epic effort to keep it real.  You could toss a dart at a spinning globe and have a very low chance of finding a place to visit with conditions worse than those we are currently “enjoying.”  Maybe it has something to do with how much they love us.  That’s the only thing that makes sense.  Good thing, too, or we’d be left here with two hearts over-full with unrequited love for them!  Safe travels, friends!

Enjoyed a fifth infusion of Oolong tea yesterday as I was beaten by Lacey at Scrabble (good game, sweetness!).   When will this tea give out?  How do Oolong farmers make any money?  Today I’ll try a third infusion of Pu-Ehr tea.  I’ll say again how much this officially sanctioned reusing of tea thing speaks to my frugal side (to refer to a frugal side is disingenuous as it suggests I have another side).

The long-lost amp may return tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

Be well.


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