Forty-five degrees today, so I finished my work and pedaled the new to me Rivendell Road around the neighborhood.  Just a couple of miles, but enough to know all is well.  Better than well.  Amazing.

The fit is perfect.  I might even be tempted to ride in the drops if a headwind becomes annoying.  It tracks perfectly straight (I didn’t expect otherwise, but it always nice to confirm when you get a used frame shipped to you).  The build results in a nearly silent ride even when coasting.  Silent, that is, after I had a second go at recogging the Sachs freewheel.  A couple of the cogs I put on the freewheel body were worn more than appearance suggested–enough to skip under load.  Luckily, I had another Sachs freewheel on hand and was able to move the 3rd through 7th gears over.  It pedals great now (no skipping) and I’ll say twice in say in one paragraph how much I love silent coasting.  Hooray for Sachs freewheels.  As a point of comparison, I will share this.  I am surprised they are proud of the sound.  I’d hesitate to buy their cassette hub after hearing it (or if I had one, I’d never stop pedaling).   Loving the Rivendell Roll-y Pol-y tires, too.  Comfortable with a nice shape.  No squirminess whatsoever.  Joy.

I found closely matching paint at the hobby store and touched up all the tiny nicks.  I did the work inside under poor light so I don’t really know how it looks in full sun.  As I moved about the bicycle today, I didn’t notice any blobs or mismatching hues.  In fact, I didn’t think about the nicks at all.  That’s a pretty good indication that the paint is a good match and that I didn’t put too much anywhere.  Otherwise, the touched up spots would holler out.

As I pedaled by the pond I noticed the ice was perfect–like glass.  Best I have ever seen.  Although I haven’t witessed anyone venture onto it this year, I suspect more than a few are thinking about it.  I stepped onto it, just at the edge, and gave a bounce.  Seemed solid, but I’ve never been the first to skate on a pond and that is a record worth maintaining.  It is a funny time of year.  I want snow and not snow.  I want it to be cold and not cold.  No matter what I want, right?

Frida is happy to be outside again.  The air temp may be 45 but sun on the outside thermometer gives an elevated reading of 60!  As Frida lays in the sun and with her black fur, I suspect she feels something north of 60.  Dog days of January!

Happy Friday!


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