Vegans Rule

Sticking with the theme of sharing old news (does it sound better if I call it aged or vintage?), I just finished watching the Food Network Challenge Donut Edition and Sara Beth Russert from Mighty-O took home the prize!  Not surprised in the least.  Those folks know what they are doing.  I always pick up a couple when I am in Seattle.  It has officially been way too long.

This reminds me that Chloe Coscarelli brought home the win for team vegan in the 2010 Cupcake Wars.  A positive trend.  Can’t wait until they do a chocolate challenge and invite Lagusta or a macaroon challenge and invite Samantha and Ian.  Love to see our team win two more!  Go vegan!

Rollers this morning.  It had been weeks since I have turned a pedal so I worked in my easiest gear and was happy to make the pins spin for 30 minutes.  Quick shower then a dog walk.  Hating that winter temps are here (only 18 degrees just now).

Wanted to warm up so I cranked the oven to 450 and tossed in an eggplant and garlic cloves and ended up with a great baba ganouj from The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen.  Nice roasty and lemony flavors.  I’ve mentioned this cookbook before, but it bears repeating.  No funny business in this one.  Donna Klein includes only reliable recipes that are historically vegan.  All I have tried are impressive.

While the eggplant was roasting, and knowing that the food processor was going to get dirty, I whipped up a batch of mushroom paté from Veganomicon.  Discovered this a few months back and I’m already on my fourth or fifth batch. The stuff just rocks.  Brought the last batch to my inlaws (Brooklyn Jews) and they went nuts for it (I pitched it as mock chopped liver).  They hadn’t had the liver version in years and said the mock version they grew up with was made with green beans.  No reason that couldn’t be good, but I am happy to have discovered the recipe with mushrooms, walnuts and onions.  We ate half and as we were leaving I asked if they wanted to keep the leftovers (they usually send home with us everything vegan they bought for us and everything we brought).  ABSOLUTELY!  Now that’s a compliment.  Thanks Veganomicon!  Might be a little depressing if I served these two together, so I won’t.  One gray mushy element on a plate is enough.

Of course the last parts needed to make the Rivendell Road rideable arrive today (the first day of the year with a high temp lower than the lowest temp at which I voluntarily pedal).  Should be nicer my Thursday, though.  Anticipation!



3 responses to “Vegans Rule

  1. Thanks!
    But I don’t have the stomach for that kind of world. I admire those who can play in the system though!

    So old, but: glad your hand finally got better. Wowzers.

    Also: can I trade you one box of chocolates for no more puke photos, pls? I read your posts in bed in the morning, my stomach is not that strong!

    Love to all.

    • Totally get it. Glad you’ve found where you are happy!

      I am happy about my hand, too. Still feels odd, but I notice less often. One or two more months?

      Sounds like you are reading posts from an email subscription. My (bad) habit is to post and then revise for days after, so you are looking at first drafts. I took down that picture a couple of days after I posted it. Bummed me out too!

      Have a nice vacation!


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