New York’s Finest

Perhaps news to no one other than me, but I was sad to stumble upon an October, 2o11 post from Serotta announcing their intention to close their New York facilities.  They will stay in business and operate everything from their California facilities (originally set up to advance their carbon fiber work).  The New York facility in Saratoga Springs is for sale.  You can read about it here.

While we were planning our move to Albany, there was a brief period when I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for work.  I had announced my resignation from a law practice in Omaha but didn’t have anything lined up to fill the void.  I was thinking about teaching, first, or trying to find a job somehow related to bicycles, second.  At that time, Serotta wanted help.  The only requirement was hand eye coordination.  A bar even I could clear!  Thought maybe I would juggle for them (and then thought better of it).  Housing in Saratoga is pricey.   I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of low wages and high expenses (including high real estate taxes), so I didn’t give serious consideration to the possibility.  A week or so later the head of my new firm threw me a  lifeline and I grabbed it.  It was surprisingly easy to forget about my other plans.  Comfort in the known, right?

A couple of people I met after I moved here did get jobs at Serotta, but the effects of the financial downturn touched most every business and Serotta was no exception.  Things got slow.  Full-time jobs became part-time and finally no-time.  I assumed they’d downsize and ride it out.  I never imagined they’d close shop in New York.

I never visited Serotta.  Never owned one.  Probably would have bought used which doesn’t do much at all for the manufacturer (unless the seller buys a new one).  Still, I was proud to know they were there.  They have a stellar reputation and their work is wonderful to see (Serottas are fairly common in these parts).  My pride did nothing to help them keep the lights on, though, and I wasn’t alone in my not buying.  Another business leaving New York.  At least they are still alive!

Big sigh.



2 responses to “New York’s Finest

  1. Randall,

    I recall reading this a few weeks ago & thinking that I wasn’t sure if the Serotta blog post you referenced (and that I had seen previously) really said that they were leaving Saratoga or not. I decided I’d have to ask you about that. I thought maybe you had additional information from people you know that are in the know, you know? But then I promptly got distracted and forgot all about it.
    Fast forwarding to tonight… I stumble upon a 1/11/2012 update from the owner that I was sure you’d be interested in. It says in part:

    “Location. At this time we expect to be in the same two locations for the foreseeable future. Experienced movers (we’ve moved at least 5 times before), should we change locations we’d not expect anything more than a small hick-up in operations.”
    Full post here:

    • Thanks for the heads up! Serotta’s October post made it clear to me that they were leaving New York. The link to a realtor’s site listing the New York facilities for sale really said it all. That link is no longer working. I had no inside info. Just the October post. WIth the January post, looks like they’ve changed course. Wonderful news! Thanks again!

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