Wonderful Things

A lazy start to 2012.  Lacey and I spent NYE alone.  The plan was to stay home, but we ended up down the block for the traditional one-two punch of Mahar’s and Curry House.  It worked for us so well during the year, so why not close out 2011 with a known winner?  Kicked off the low-pressure festivities at 6:30.  One point five hours later, we were home and then asleep by 10:00.  Couldn’t be happier with our choice.

See, we were engaged exactly 20 years ago on NYE 1991.  Spending this important anniversary together, without others, felt right.  Thanks to Lacey’s excellent recall for all things romantic, she was able to remind me of all the things that went down the day of our engagement.  I proposed at 11:00 am in my dorm room.  The idea was to propose at midnight, but I was excited and proposed as soon as Lacey showed up that day.  Lacey called in to work engaged and we spent the day together.  I thought she said we went to see Spaulding Gray perform Monster in a Box, but Lacey reminds me, again and just one day later, that we saw that monolog on NYE 1990, not the evening of our engagement.  Oops!  We spent the evening of our engagement at Iso (we weren’t vegan).  I think we had reservations at some Caribbean joint but went to Iso instead (the site of one of our first dates).  It was a very small place and extremely popular.  That they were able to squeeze us in was a miracle.  Squeezed in we were and it was 110% festive.   What a day!  What a marriage!  Winning!  We don’t have pictures from the day we were engaged, but here is a picture from one of our first dates–the Valentine’s Day Dance at Barnard.  Could we look any happier?  Could Lacey be any more lovely?  Sigh!

Today I woke up at 6:00 and puttered around, then made waffles topped with peaches from the freezer, cinnamon and maple syrup.  Sated, we crawled back into bed and snoozed the morning away.  Finding bed to be the warmest and bestest place imaginable, I decided to remain there and take a stroll around the world of my favorite bicycle parts makers.  I came across a few things I had to share.  Things that, while not all relating strictly to bicycles, are made by bicycle parts makers with obvious love and care.   To see them is to know that each one, once produced, will be cherished for lifetimes.  The way all things should be made.  Let’s go!

First, from Paul Component Engineering, a combination bottle opener and brake spring adjuster.  Other bicycle part makers have made bottle openers, but this one seems extra special to me.  

How about a Chris King espresso tamper?  How nice it would feel in the hand!

From Phil Wood, a machined shot glass.  Sure their pint glasses are fun, but do you see one of these ending up in a landfill?  I think not!

Finally, something more closely related to bicycles from Nitto–travel axles.  These could save your rear triangle or fork from crushing injuries in transit.  Wouldn’t you be impressed if you ordered a frame and it showed up sporting a pair?  

I was also delighted to find this page with photos and video of a tour through the Nitto factory.  It only reinforces my love of the mark.  Check out Tokyo Fixed Gear’s store, too.  Amazing place.

That’s enough for now.  Happy 2012.  Take care!

2 responses to “Wonderful Things

  1. What terrific tools and toys! I’ll have to pay a bit more attention to the makers and machiners out there. And I’ll always appreciate the good ole love stories of you and Lacey in the past, present, and future. Cheers to you both on your 20 years, hooray for us all on making it through another 1 year, and looking forward to another go round our fabulous sun, all together now.

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