Lights and Reflectors

Use ’em (or else)!

The original battery in Lacey’s Honda Fit died today.  Just a couple of days outside of the 36-month 100% coverage warranty.  Worse still?  If this had been a replacement battery and it had died at 37 months, we would have been reimbursed for 60% of the cost.  Not so with the original battery.  Says so right in the manual–original battery has a flat 36-month coverage, but replacement batteries are covered for 100 months (36 months at 100%, then 60% and down from there all the way to 100 months).  Why don’t they give you the pro-rated 100-month warranty on original batteries?  Are replacement batteries better than the original ones?  Interestingly, the original battery was not branded Honda.  Had some name on it that I had never seen before.  The replacement looks very different and carries the Honda name.  Worse still?  After I drove to jump start the Fit, found out that it wouldn’t jump start (weird), drove home to grab a wrench and drop off Lacey, drove back to pull the battery, drove to Keeler to drop of the old one and buy the new one, drove back to the Fit to install the new one (the Fit started–phew–as swapping batteries is very near the limit of my automotive repair capabilities), dove the Fit home, rode with Lacey to get my car and then drove home, I found a coupon for $10 off a new Honda battery from Keeler.  Argh!  I hate cars (when I am not loving them).

Nothing more.  Bye!


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