The Best

The best thing in the world happened today.  I was walking with Frida along a four lane main drag and I see a corgi booking at us.  

No two legged companion in sight.  Corgi stops to say hey to Frida and I scoop her up, took her home and called the City of Albany license bureau (the number was on her tag).  

Office worker called the owner, the owner called me and I gave him my address.  He was here in a flash, all happy and thankful.  I was so pleased to be able to help.    I know how crazy I’d be if Frida wasn’t where she was supposed to be.

Apparently this corgi thinks sit means lay down, because lay down is what she did every time I asked her to sit for a picture.  Wait.  I guess she is sitting in the picture above.  Kinda hard to tell (her rear end only lowers an inch or so when she bends her shorty rear legs–cute)!  I guess getting her picture taken wasn’t sufficient reward for sitting, so every time thereafter she laid down.  Oh, her name is Jenny.  I love dogs with people names.

Very glad Lacey didn’t get to meet Jenny.  Lacey loves her some corgis.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she pulled out a pocket knife and dug out the chip so she could keep little Jenny.  Obviously joking, but she would have made the owner hang around for an hour or so while she pretended Jenny was hers and could stay forever.  I have to admit I enjoyed her company.  Kinda wish the owner had been at work so I could have enjoyed an afternoon with her and Frida.  Oh well.  The sooner the better when returning lost dogs.

Got my new frame and fork.  So beautiful!  I’ll take pictures when it is together.  It is mostly together now, but for the brakes and the front derailleur.  I can’t use the Superbe Pro brakes (too short), but I have vintage Shimano 600s that will work.  I need a couple of these to install the nutted Shimano brakes in the fork and brake bridge, both of which were designed for brakes secured with recessed allen nuts.  I also need an adaptor clamp so I can use my Superbe Pro front derailleur which was made to be used on a frame with a braze-on.   This frame lacks the braze-on.  I’ve ordered both parts.  Should be here in early 2012.  Anticipation!

Hope you are well.  Bye.


6 responses to “The Best

  1. Good on you for helping the Corgi find her way home! It’s always good to make deposits in one’s karmic bank.

    As your “new” bike’s original owner, I sent you another email with some details about the original rear spacing (almost certain it’s 130mm). I’m tempted to send a pic (or two) that I had taken just after I built her up in ’01, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

    Happy Holidays!

    • Hey! Thanks for writing and for sharing your wonderful frame! The rear hub respaced to 135 fits very well, so I’ll leave it for now. I can’t wait to share pictures. Won’t be long! Happy holidays!

  2. What a nice story 🙂 We love Corgis too. A few years ago we helped a lost Corgi “Sparky” and his black lab companion during a snow storm. We were out shoveling and these two came ambling up with the Corgi looking lost. The lab was barking and trying to get Sparky to go the other way. Betsy put them in the car and found the owners driving around calling “Spaaarkyyyy” from their car. They were quite relived to get Sparky back..they were not worried about the other dog finding its way 😉

  3. Hey! Nice to hear from you! Doesn’t it feel wonderful to be able to help?

    Full disclosure–turns out Jenny was most likely running to get home. She was about a block from her goal when I scooped her up. Still. She was running along a terrible busy street and I didn’t know where she was going. All is well that ends well.

    Let us know if you are headed to Albany. It has been too long!

    Take care and have a great 2012.

  4. Great looking dog. Good job. Happy New Year!

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