Yesterday the scratchy throat thing started.  This morning it bloomed into a robust cold.  Can’t miss work (too busy just now), so I’ve spent the day in bed, sleeping and drinking various health tonics Lacey has purchased or concocted.  She is such a caring nurse.  I feel a better already.

Yesterday I respaced the Suntour Superbe Pro rear hub for my new to me bike project.  Wanted to wait until the frame arrived, but the new axle and spacers appeared and I could not resist.  This box of spacers gets me more excited than it probably should.  Precision and organization have always tripped my trigger.

For now, I’ve added 4.5 mm of spacers to each side to avoid redishing the wheel.  I’ll see how moving the cluster inward a bit impacts chain line and shifting.  Should be fine, but the easiest way to tell is to set it up and shift through the gears.

Feeling better about the cluster.  Doesn’t seem like the grease I injected into it will be too heavy.  Again, I will just have exercise care on the first ride.

I wrote the seller of the frame to get the seatpost diameter.  27.2mm was his answer, so I dug through my collection of posts and found a nice example from Avocet.

I boughta pair of Rivendell Roll-y Pol-y tires, but resisted the urge to mount them.  Better to wait–if I rearrange the spacers on the rear hub and redish it, I want the tire off to make sure the spokes aren’t showing up in the space where the tube lives.

I was traveling for work last week and haven’t been on the rollers since.  I’ve been more or less careful about what I eat and drink, though, so I don’t think I’ve replaced the weight I was so happy to lose.  The rollers will be there when work quiets down.  Looking forward to it.  The Diacompe stem I installed on the Specialized Allez is just the right height.  At minimum insertion, the bars are nearly level with the saddle, but I can drop them down a bit if I ever feel the urge.  I replaced the aero levers with the original cable up levers and I spent a fair amount of time getting the length of the housing just so.  I still haven’t wrapped the bars.  First time I have been able to wait.  I will ride the bike and adjust the lever position and make sure I like the bars I have on there.  Only when everything is dialed in will I wrap and twine the bars.  Pictures to follow.  The stem is really pretty in person, so I am excited to share images with you.

Take care!


2 responses to “Ahem

  1. Hey guy,
    tl;dr for now, bu Shirl says the straight on shot of your new2u tire/wheel is beautiful and should be framed and I concur. The angle seems ultra precise at 90 degrees, the shadow similar. It could be otherwise depending on the natural light angle, but you found it at a clean 180ish from the source. Choice, my friend, choice.

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