Don’t Read This Post

Saturday I awoke at 5:15 am.  Sunday 5:50.  Good trend after the 4:30 business for a week or so.  Monday, back to 4:30.  Rollers each of those days.  I am really starting to enjoy it.  Can’t last.  It should be boring, but the Tivo helps.  Today I awoke at 5:50.  No rollers.  I’ve dropped the “extra” weight and now I will ride the rollers every other day to reduce wear on my joints.

I brought an armload of kale from the garden and made a really excellent soup.  I don’t share recipes I get from cookbooks (instead I share the name of the cookbook in the hopes that you’ll buy it–gotta support authors!), but this came from my head.  No measurements, though.  It is a soup.  You can do it!  In the bottom of my pressure cooker I sauteed in olive oil onions, then garlic, carrots, celery, sweet potato, jalapenos, ginger, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, black pepper and tumeric.  To that I added water, chopped kale, dried split yellow peas and a dollop of canned pumpkin left over from the pumpkin biscuits (sorry, Lagusta–does it help to know that I bought the canned pumpkin for Frida and then stopped giving it to her and needed to use it up?).  Pressure cooked the overly full pot for 20 minutes, pureed it with a hand mixer, added salt, garam masala and apple cider vinegar.  Dark green appearance, like saag from a north Indian joint, but a soup.  Five quarts!  I am a tough critic of my own cooking but this soup impressed me.  Make it!

Yesterday I bought a bike frame and fork.  Oops!  Feel bad about it but I was powerless.  It is a really special piece at a fair buy it now price.  I was probably one of the first people to see the auction (east coast early riser advantage) and I couldn’t let it go.  I intend to populate the frame with Suntour Superbe Pro and Nitto parts from the Bridgestone 3000 (that is too big for me) and then sell that frame.  So I won’t end up with more bikes.  Still.  I really want to sell bikes without replacing them.  I want fewer bikes.  It isn’t easy.  It would help if I cancelled the new listing notices on eBay.  I keep them by telling myself I want to keep track of the market.  Why do I need that information if I am not selling?  Why do I need it if I am selling?  Just toss the bike up there for a dollar and see what happens, right?  Working on it.  In my head.  Not much progress.  Sigh.

The vintage Suntour parts should work on the frame, but I just need to have a little patience.  It will be easiest to wait until the frame comes and just try.  I do know that the rear hub needs to be respaced.  It has an over lock nut dimension of 126mm and the frame is set up for 135.  I ordered a longer axle (146mm) and a box of spacers in sizes from 0.5mm to 5mm.  It would be easiest to add 4.5mm to each side (so that I don’t have to redish the wheel.  The right answer, though, is to add 9mm of spacers on the left and then redish the wheel (loosen the spokes on the right (drive) side and tighten the spokes on the left to move the rim to the left so that it is centered in the frame).  That’s the right approach because it will lessen the dish that is almost always present in rear wheels with external gear clusters.  Dish?  Right spokes are shorter than the left so that the wheel, while centered in the frame, isn’t centered between the hub flanges.  The wheel is strongest when the rim is centered between the flanges and the right and left side  spokes are equal length and equal tension.   A dished wheel is less strong.   Even though adding the spacers on the left and redishing the wheel will make it stronger, I am considering adding spacers evenly on both sides because the seven speed freewheel comes terribly close to the lock nut.  I’ve had set ups where the chain rubs on the right drop out (or maybe I should call it a fork end–I forget when drop out is inappropriate and simply use drop out).  Might have been on a hub set up for a six speed freewheel, but a seven speed was used.  Anyway, this hub is made for seven speed freewheels but the seven speed freewheel is still super close.  Third possibility is adding 2mm to the right and seven to the left.  That will make the wheel a little stronger and still move the cluster away from the drop out.  I ran all three possibilities through a spoke calculator to confirm that none of the scenarios would result in me needing to use different length spokes.  The most dramatic change (adding all the spacers to the left), only results in changes in spoke length of less than 1mm (the left shorter and the right longer).  Not enough to worry about, though (assuming the wheel was built with the right spokes to begin with).

Then the brakes.  The bike is pictured with nutted brakes and my Suntour Superbe Pros have recessed nuts.  The seller thinks he filled the recessed nut holes with nylon washers for support when using his  nutted brakes, but he is confirming this.  It is a high end custom frame from 2001, so I would be shocked to learn it wasn’t set up for use with recessed bolts.  Nuts aside, I will need to see if my calipers are long enough.  The Superbe Pros are pretty racy numbers so there is a chance the arms are too short.  They are older, though, so maybe they will work.  Patience!

I set up a Sachs freewheel for the new frame yesterday.  Cleaned and moved newer and bigger cogs from a seized body to a really nice body.  When I had it apart, I found a grease port in the body.  Since I had my new grease gun with Phil Wood grease, I pumped grease through the hole until clean grease was coming out of the seals.  I immediately worried that the grease was too heavy for this application, but what is done is done.  It is a little stiff, but I can still hear the palls clicking into place.  If the palls stop catching and I freewheel forward to injury or death, I will know to use lighter grease (when working on freewheels in the hospital or heaven).  Have any experience with this?  If so, please share.  I can always push out the Phil Wood with lighter grease if need be.  Just need to find lighter grease in the right size tube.

Then I wonder about the the Superbe Pro derailleur.  It is designed to handle 23 teeth max.  I have the cluster set up with 26 teeth on top.  I need all the help I can get with the Superbe Pro small ring at 42 teeth.  We’ll see.  I’d love to keep the groupo together, but it may just bee too racy for this frame and my intentions.  Might need to set this one up as a mutt with mixed parts.  A pretty fancy mutt, mind you.

That’s enough of that.  As you can see, I am excited to have a project!  Check back for updates.  Should be fun.



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  1. You are the cutest, most awesome blogger ever!!!!!!

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