Cast Aways Found

Phil Wood pedals!  US Mail delivered these machined aluminum treasures from Ashland, Oregon into my appreciative hands.  

Not NOS, but very lightly used.  The nicest I have seen, anyway.

The CHP mark indicates the pedals were approved by the California Highway Patrol.  Phil Wood & Co. says they were the first pedals approved by the CHP.  Having never seen the mark on anything other than official department equipment, I wonder what else the CHP was in the business of approving?  And does the mark mean anything to anyone? I’d rather have them signed by Ponch and John, or even stamped NJS, but I suppose it is historically interesting as it is.  

I love the slit into which toe clips are slipped and the hidden bolts for securing the same.  Very nicely done.

I doubt I will toss them on a bicycle anytime soon.  They are a little too dear for that.  And then the sun came out, allowing for a little shadow play.

Sad to put them away in a drawer, but I can always change my mind.   I also enjoy the thought of someone decades from now getting to make the same decision.  

On a bicycle with a freewheel, I could enjoy them with little risk of pedal strike.  One small bite already on leading edge of the right pedal (which is the pedal on the right in the picture below).

The pedal tops would be pretty easily scratched, too.  A stone in the tread of a tennis shoe could make a mess of the smooth surface in a single ride.  The surfaces are already lightly marred, but I’d hate to make them worse.

Serviceable?  Not that I would use them enough to wear them out, but it isn’t obvious how to access the sealed bearings.  The dust cap on the end is pressed in and I find no accommodation for slipping a tool behind for prying.  If you know how to get to the bearings, please share.  I’m curious.  I’ve written to Phil Wood & Co. and will let you know if they have anything to say on the matter.

Update from the good folks at Phil Wood:  “The Phil pedals are not “field (user) serviceable” nor can they be sent to us for servicing as we no longer manufacture or stock any of the parts required for service.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Thank you, [Name Redacted], Phil Wood & Co.”  OK then!  Looks like a super business opportunity for someone.  Think the Maytag Man is lonely?  You might want to have a good library at hand to fill the time while you wait for one of the handful of super durable pedals to show up requiring new bearings.

More goodies on the way, but nothing as special as this pair.  Other news?  Again with the 4:30 am awakening.  No alarm.  I just open my eyes, stand up, put on glasses and the clock says 4:30 am (give or take 5 minutes).  Again with the rolling on rollers.  Still enjoying it.  The hands free skills are back.  I sit up during commercials (lately I have been watching sitcoms on TIVO and don’t keep the remote at hand so I can’t skip the commercials) to give my hands a break.  I also pedal out of the saddle to give my seat a break.  It is all good.  Not so sure about the hour, though.  Maybe I need to stay up later than 9:30.

Please enjoy your day.


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