One Day Later

I was pleased with yesterday’s shot of my cookie against a background of green grass in December.  Impermanence anyone?

I awoke at 4:30 am again.  Again I pedaled on the rollers and showered before Lacey awoke.  No cookie making, though, but I can share the lasagna from dinner last night.

Layer one was roasted eggplant with a white sauce (olive oil and flour roux, unsweetened soymilk, salt, pepper and nutmeg.  Layer two was spinach and bright tofu (mushed and mixed with lemon, nutritional yeast, salt, oregano and what may be the last flat leaf parsley from our garden out back).  The top was a scant quart of Casa Visco’s Meatless Flavor Spaghetti Sauce (Meatless Flavor makes me laugh and it is cheaper than the marinara), Daiya mozzarella and more parsley.  The dish stayed in the oven ten minutes longer than usual, but I enjoyed the crunchy edges.  Glad it turned out well as we have six more servings in reserve.

I’ve all but stopped using timers in the kitchen.  I originally put them away to force myself to pay attention.  An unexpected benefit is that I now rely more on smell, texture and color and less on time–great when roasting vegetables, for instance.  I haven’t ruined anything, but I have left things in a little longer than I might with a timer.  Like with the lasagna.  We were playing Scrabble as it baked and the game went long.  We were in the next room and the smell had farther to travel before I woke up and had a look.  I’ve learned from the slips and often prefer the results of somewhat longer baking times.

The ice-snow last night gave me a chance to try out my new Garant all steel snow pusher.  I had to replace the aluminum pusher I wore out over the last two winters (the rivets holding the steel lip in place wore away as did most of the barely attached steel lip),  but my hardware store didn’t have the same one.  Just the all-steel version.  No real need to clear the walks and drive today (it would have melted), but I was itching to try out the new tool.  The steel pusher weighs a ton, but it isn’t made for shoveling–just pushing–so the weight isn’t a problem (and it makes me feel very butch).  The weight is a plus for another reason–it helped the pusher easily bite down to the pavement for a quick and easy snow ice clearing session and it should last much longer.  I also bought an aluminum shovel with a flatter scoop (you know, for shoveling) for when I need to move the fluffy stuff.  Those two pieces, together with an ice chipper and a heavy-duty push broom make up the tool kit I roll out in my ongoing effort to have the cleanest drive and walks on the block.  All without emissions.  Generally done before all others.  Full smug-style.  Competitive?  In this arena, absolutely.  Game on!

Anything else?  Beer?  Got a case of Brooklyn Winter Ale yesterday.  Highly recommend you consider doing the same.  Medium color.  Malt forward.  6.0% ABV.  Flavors really come out as it warms in the glass.  These folks have never let me down.

Nothing more to report.  Have a great day!


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