Silly Little Things

My favorite eBay seller in the world wants you to buy a 1969 JC Penney Foremost El Tigre Mini Bike:

I’d have to agree with him.  Folks in Nebraska should get all over this a(u)ction.  It makes me so happy.  I had a go cart as a kid.  My mom probably has pictures.  I used to drive it on city streets and park it in friends’ backyards.  The thing was top notch fun-wise.  Fast, low, razor quick steering and durable.  It had roll cage over the motor (to protect the motor in a roll over).  The roll cage was not high enough to stop me from getting crushed (and there wasn’t a seatbelt anyway).  It did form a nice platform for a passenger, though, and that happened as often as I was asked for a ride.  It was so wrong but so fun.  Surprisingly, happily, no one was injured.

Still resisting the urge to buy the Paramount tandem.  Lacey never discourages me to buy bicycles or anything for that matter (a dangerous saint she is), but this time she suggested I let this go.  I suspect it has something to do with my often expressed desire to have fewer bicycles, so I appreciate her gentle reminder.  Must…  not… buy… tandem!

More rolling on the rollers today.  Relaxing nicely and enjoying it more and more.  Trying again to pedal without hands for all the wrong reasons.  Watched the third installment of David Byrne: Live at Union Chapel.  Great show.  That fella impresses me four ways to Friday.  Love watching concert DVDs while rolling and I recommend the practice to all.

Mere moments between me and the weekend.  I’d be jumping for joy but I am frozen solid.  The heat hasn’t come on yet.  4:30 is the magic hour.  Why do I turn down the heat so low when I work from home?  Sick, I am.

Be well.


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