Naught News

Should I be writing to tell you that nothing special is happening?  Probably not.  Silence would be the better approach, but then I wouldn’t be able to share with you this.

A vintage Schwinn Paramount tandem with some Campagnolo, TA, Mafac and Brooks!  I’d buy it myself if I was tandemless, but Lacey and I have a Cannondale mountain tandem.

We bought ours early in our marriage.  Straight away we subbed the Nitto upright bars for the flat mountain bars and high pressure slicks for the fat mountain knobbies.  

I was under no delusion that we’d off road on the thing, but always viewed Cannondale mountain bikes as great city rollers.   Seemed like the fat aluminum tubes would be great on a tandem and I was right.  No whippiness whatsoever.  Even with our user friendly mods, it has taken most of our marriage to pull off a genuinely pleasant ride on the thing. No issues worthy of broadcasting on reality tv (or worth detailing here), but always something floating around the perimeter of the experience.

Very happy to report that a couple of weeks ago we had our first issueless ride.  Just a short pedal with the trailer, first downtown to get coffee beans and then to the co-op to get groceries.  Not a complaint from either of us.  Just seamless and silent cooperation.  We really motored, too!  When we got home, I remarked that Lacey had been pushing the pedals harder than ever and that I was, as a result, pushing the pedals harder than I cared to (my ego wouldn’t allow otherwise).  Turned out Lacey was also pushing harder than she cared to (with echoes of my (historical) mild complaints about insufficient horsepower coming from the stern motor).  Suffice it to say that one tandem is probably enough for us.

This Paramount, though, yikes!  Just our size and fairly priced (assuming no issues).  I suspect even a lower offer may be accepted.  The market for these things is limited and they are tough to ship long distances.  Even transporting them on the car and storing them can be tricky.  Trickier than single bikes, anyway.  We have a Yakima roof rack attachment for our tandem and that works well.  Expensive, though.  All this means that the seller is probably interested in passing this beautiful bicycle along.

I am still enjoying the rollers.  Regularly.  Enjoying them a lot, actually.  I’ve gone through phases and it looks like I am in a love phase just now.  This time it is all about getting a little extra exercise.  I am dreading pedaling in the cold and my definition of cold seems to be expanding to include higher and higher temperatures.  My old standard was 20 degrees.  Anything above that was fine.  Even fun.  Now I notice myself making excuses to not ride when it is in the 40s.  Sad but true.  I hope I toughen up some.  It is going to be a long winter!

My injured hand is toughening up nicely.  Still feels strange when I lean on it (similar to the sensation of when you put pressure on a blister).  The scab is nearly gone, though, and there is almost no pain.  The scar, even as it stands now, doesn’t bother me.   I suspect it will look even better as the months roll by.  Hooray for healing.

My amplifier isn’t back yet.  The anticipation was fun for awhile, and Mr. Levy has been great about keeping me in the loop, but at this point I am ready for an email letting me know it is done, sounds super and is ready to be dropped off.  The dropping temperatures demand more time with the hifi!

See?  No news and only 618 words to say it.  Enough!



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