Back in the Saddle

I should be happy that it is raining.  I don’t need to shovel rain.

The weather (and the eight unwanted pounds I have carelessly piled onto my personal frame) motivated me to get back on the rollers.  The first time since the fall.  I wan’t nervous, but I was tentative.  Careful.  Happy to report it was all good.  A short ride while watching Storefront Hitchcock was just what I needed.

Hand is healing nicely.  It will have been a month on Thursday.  It still hurts when I press on it and feels odd when I lean on it (scar tissue, interrupted nerves or both), but I think about it less and examine it only every five minutes.  It was bad at first.  The staring at it.  I couldn’t stop.  I’d hold my two hands side by side and compare healthy to injured.   No point to it, but it was right there and on my mind.  Lacey said this has changed me.  She’d know.  I hope I can shake it.  Such a little thing!

I woke at 4:45 this morning.  I commented on a blog post and my comment was maybe longer than the post itself.  My bad, but that can happen when I have free time.  Still had an hour before Lacey would wake so I made pumpkin biscuits.

They came out great.  Not sure I have made biscuits during our decade of veganism, but I am glad I did.  My Saturday gravy on toast can now be gravy on biscuits as it should be.  Get Vegan Planet and you, too, can enjoy them.  I subbed in half whole wheat flour and used walnut oil, but otherwise followed the recipe.  I doubled the recipe and I didn’t fit all the biscuits on two cookie sheets (the most I can get in my oven without stacking).  Having finished, I see they could have all gone on two sheets.  Anyway.  The first batch into the oven went onto cookie sheets oiled with walnut oil.  Perfect color on the bottom at the suggested time.  I would have baked them on Silpat mats, but I remembered the mats have a max temp and couldn’t remember what it was.  While the first batch baked, I looked it up–480 degrees max.  Just fine for my 450 degree oven.  The second batch into the oven on Silpats also came out perfectly.  Silpat mats are so wonderful.  Get a couple of you haven’t already.

Time to walk Frida.   In the cold rain.  She won’t mind.  She’s sitting in it now and won’t come in (see her in the picture above?).  I will need to concentrate on the good to overcome my discomfort.  Gosh I am spoiled.  Being thankful now.




2 responses to “Back in the Saddle

  1. Ouch! Your hand looks like it took a beating. I guess I am glad for you as well that it is only raining outside now! Take care.

    • Ah! Thanks for stopping by and the kind words. I don’t think about the cut much anymore (except when I stare at the still evolving scar, which is like five times a day). Silpat?! Huge fan! Be well!

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