Some Folks

My hand is healing nicely from my roller FAIL.  Although the timing is odd, Lacey expressed some interest in getting on my rollers.  Sounded like equal parts interest and healthy fear, so I suggested a trainer instead.  She gave that idea two thumbs up.  I don’t know anything about trainers.  If you do, please help me out.  I am interested in a simple, well made and quiet trainer devoid of gimmicks (I don’t need the thing connected to a computer).  The 1up USA trainer is the current front runner.  Looks solid, I found videos at youtube that confirm it is quiet and I like that it is made here.  Also impressed that it is made by the folks who sell the e*motion rollers (floating rollers).  I noticed those a couple of years ago.  If I didn’t have a good set already, those are the ones I would go for.

As I hunted around youtube for things related to trainers and rollers, I found this nice little video.

I wonder if that roller maven has ever had a crash?  I’d say its probable, as his crew seems to enjoy bikes, rollers and beer together.  That combo almost guarantees a mishap, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he’s never gone down.  He is mad skilled.

Hope you had a great weekend.  Speak at you soon.


2 responses to “Some Folks

  1. …and unplugged bar ends, even! (I /hope/ he doesn’t fall on one of those.)
    Maybe it is easier on a fixed gear, since the rollers stop when the pedals do? I have no idea what I am talking about, in that department.

    • I wondered about the unplugged ends, too! I don’t think fixed gear helps with anything but the track stand. Stopped rollers are a liability. The slower they are going, the harder the balancing becomes. That’s why I wiped out as I was starting. I hadn’t started the wheels moving and just TIMBERed over. The left foot was in a clip and I must have gotten the right in as well (and then wasn’t able to get the right out fast enough to use it to arrest the fall to the right). Anyway, my ego requires me to get back on and forget about the injury. That will be easier when the paw stops aching!

      Thanks for writing! Later!

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