Fine Weekend

Saturday we saw Martha Marcy May Marlene.  Whoa!  Make sure you are in a good place before you undertake this heavy lifting.  Tense!  Very well done, but it is anything but recreational filmgoing.

Later in the day we watched Agnes Varda’s The Gleaners & I.  After being shaken by the four Ms, this film restored my faith in humanity.  A gleaner is in the strictest sense someone who scours a field for produce left behind by the farmer after harvest.  Agnes Varda covers this aspect of gleaning and then pulls her lens back to document dozens of other examples of gleaning and picking.  Very thorough and creative treatment of a fascinating subject.  Easy to catch it if you have Netflix play it now.

Today we played tennis and stopped by the community garden plot.  The tennis was just relaxed volleying, theatrics and laughing.  

Perfect for a crisp fall day.  

At the garden, Lacey and I pushed garlic bulbs into the ground.  Lacey liked the lacey dehydrated tomatill0 husks.  

We brought home tender baby volunteer dill, beets that were never going to grow big, a radish that could not grow any bigger before being slapped with an XXX rating…

…and an armload of kale.  

When we got home, part of the kale was transformed into kale chips.

Kale chips are surely old news to some, but since I just got the memo this year, I will assume there are a few others still missing out.  Cut kale into chip size pieces (I remove the spines).  Wash it well and dry it.  A salad spinner works great.  Toss kale with olive oil (consider using a light touch with the oil as it doesn’t soak in) and then sprinkle with salt, pepper and anything else you enjoy.  I used curry powder today.  Spread chips evenly on cookie sheets making some effort to leave space between the chips and avoiding stacking.  Bake at 350 for five minutes and then give a look.  Some of the thinner parts of the kale may be done (crispy, some browning).  Remove those pieces from the sheets, flip the ones that are not done and send them back in.  A couple of minutes more may finish another third.  Remove those and give the thickest pieces a couple minutes more.  Unlikely that any pieces will need more than 8 or 9 minutes in the oven.  Frequent checking is important.  The chips can go from perfect to burnt very quickly.  Enjoy!

Speak to you soon.


2 responses to “Fine Weekend

  1. Christina Abbott

    fun weekend randy! i’ve always wanted to make kale chips, but always thought i was too lucille ball in the kitchen to pull it off successfully. maybe i will try again. i too saw martha marcy may marlene and thought it was a very good movie….did you notice “max” in the film (he was the young man chopping wood, wearing overalls, and the one they were going to shoot in the woods…) that is my brother! 🙂

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