I want my hand to be healed, but the wanting doesn’t make it so.  The injury was two weeks ago.  The stitches came out Monday.  The doctor placed Steri-Strips over the opening to keep things closed and said to leave them on until they fall off in a couple of days.  Three days and counting and they are still there. 

I can still do most everything, but I have to pay attention to my hand while doing it.  This morning I cleaned the house, did some laundry and made cookies.  Back to the cookies later.  Fed Ex just showed up with something truly mundane and elderly.  Relates to my injury.  If these posts just don’t write themselves!  

A ten pack of elastic bandages.  I have had one Ace bandage with the great little aluminum clips for nearly a decade.  I don’t use it often, but when I need it, I marvel at its utility and durability.  I wash it in a lingerie bag at the end of each injury.  To use an elastic bandage with a wound, I cover the wound with a feminine napkin and hold it in place with the elastic bandage.  The bandage is big and obvious so that people don’t, for instance, grab an injured hand for a shake.  Like that happens.  “So delighted to meet you sir!!!”  More often like “uh?”  Anyway.  The padding and motion limiting characteristics are nice, too.  So much cheaper and way more effective than adhesive band-aids.  Hooray for awesome improvised wound protection.

Although my original Ace is still going strong (I am wearing it as I type), I lost one of the two clips.  One works, but I wanted to have a backup.  New Ace bandages close with velcro or are self adhesive.  I doubt their long term durability.  I found replacement aluminum clips online, but they were as expensive as buying a nifty ten pack of Grafco elastic bandages made in the USA by Graham-Field of Bayshore, New York (I hope the company shook this offdo they even exist in NY–I’m beginning to think these bandages are NOS from a company that evaporated in the late 1990s–how often does this story need to repeat?).  Only ten-packs were offered.  Based on my experience of using my original Ace for a decade, I may have 100-years of elastic bandages on the shelf.  Rather than wait for my estate sale, ask for one now.  I am happy to share.

An odd topic for a post, to be sure, but you should know I have always enjoyed first aid.  One Christmas I asked for a fancy first aid kit tailored for use while backpacking and lo and behold it showed up.  I was so excited and proud, but my neighbor friend didn’t get it.  In fact, he ridiculed me.  I kinda understood.  What kid wants a first-aid kit for Christmas?  Me, apparently.  I still have it.  Made by Early Winters.  They are still around but don’t make anything as cool as this anymore.  Gaze upon its thread-bare loveliness.

Zip it open and one out of a hundred people will know why I was so hot to own this little gem.  It’s got everything!  

I had to select and supply the pills.  Looks like I was worried about colds on the trail.  

I checked to see if there were any Contac in there.  I remember learning about the recall while watching 60-minutes.  Apparently people lost fingers or toes or something?  It must have had an impact on me, as that container is now empty.  I would have never used the supply and not replenished it.  The other two pill containers have 30 year old medicine.  Time to freshen it!  

How about this tiny guide from the American Outdoor Safety League.  Hard not to trust that, right?  There are accident report forms, too.  WTF?  

Military surplus anyone?  Covered in wax to keep them dry.  

What else?  Wire splints, various gauzes, tape, signal streamers and tools!  The dime was surely my addition (you know, to make a call from a pay phone).  The safety pins could be used to secure dressings.  Why didn’t I think of that for my trusty old Ace bandage?  What’s up with those paper tags?  To twist around the toe of a person you didn’t save?  Macabre!  Maybe they can be used to record notes regarding a patient being airlifted to a hospital.  Exciting!

What’s better than crusty old first aid kits and fresh new elastic bandages?  Almost anything (and cookies)!  Just a standard recipe for oatmeal cookies to which I add chocolate chips, coconut and walnuts.  This time instead of chocolate chips I used chocolate pastilles.  Big blobs of melty chocolaty wonderfulness.  Buy some for yourself and see.  You will be hooked.

Time to walk Frida.  So pleasant out.  I hope you are having nice weather, too.  Bye.


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