I feel compelled to direct you to work (so that my complete and perfect lack of contribution to the advancement of anything save another millimeter of sag in my mattress feels something less than fatal).  You know I like to keep busy, so maybe you are doubting my sincerity?  Don’t.

I ate gravy on toast.  I watched a movie I had already seen (so that Lacey would see it).  I walked Frida.  I played Scrabble (two bingos!).  I drove to eat lunch at a bar (a candidate for a judicial… er… judgeship (?) was organizing election volunteers  in a back room–I stayed well away, looked at my shoes when volunteers walked by and ate a burger and fries and drank a beer).  I drove down the block to buy beer for later.  I came home and slept.  I woke.  I looked at bicycle websites.  I checked that funny website that may or may not be in Spain and found this.

Tonight we party.  See?  Nothing.  Let me know what you did.  I am not on facebook so you will have to comment below.  I won’t feel guilty if you’ve done something to help someone.  I will be happy to know the world is advancing while I am taking it easy.



6 responses to “Work

  1. Well, I think it is important to note that you weren’t alone in all these activities. There was someone who loves you very much right next to while we walked Frida, across from you when we played Scrabble (losing), eating a yummy veggie burger and fries at the same table and laying next to you in bed! Hopefully, that makes it all a little better!

  2. I believe your un-work activities sound rather perfect. Me, after realizing I will soon be the recipient of a large plumbing bill, I threw myself into high gear and made vast stretches jewelry to sell. Having found myself in a world of selling, a place in which I never thought I’d be, I’ve learned to accept that the last 2 months of the year mean I’ll be fairly tied to my work, plumber bills aside. I’ve even been soldering a bit more than I usually do, something I find surprisingly rewarding.
    Aside: In case you haven’t encountered them already, I wanted to show you this shop, as I instantly thought of you when looking at their creations.

    • Argh! Sorry to hear about the plumbing problems. Home ownership isn’t super cool (once the fantasy of ever and rapid increasing values evaporates). Glad you have a plan to make it work, though.

      I like the craft person’s work, but their choice of materials leaves me a little cold! ; )

      Thanks for writing and be well!

  3. I am making a hat.

    • Thanks for writing! A hat! Fun! Do tell! Knitting a warm one for winter or weaving a nice wide brimmed straw number for a trip to an island? In any event, nice to see you this weekend. Hope you have a good week.

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