Well I’ll Be!

Pedaled the black ANT Light Roadster to the bank to deposit a check.  Quite a machine for such a mundane task, but I never grow tired of the silent gliding along that this bicycle tirelessly dishes out day after day after day.

The teller asked if I wanted to take advantage of a special limited-time rate on CDs.  How special?  Well, a one-year CD, $500 minimum, yields 0.55%.  Time isn’t the only thing that is limited.  I said no thank you and remarked that if I gave her $500, at the end of the year I’d probably not have a return sufficient to buy a box of cereal (my bank branch is in a grocery–tres swank).  She said I could invest more.  How kind.   We laughed and shrugged it off.  No fries with my deposit, thank you.  As I walked the isles looking for graham crackers, I ran the numbers in my head.  I came up with $2.50 return on $500 invested for a year (I rounded the rate down to 0.5%).  The real return would be $2.75.  Not enough to buy a box of cereal.  Rates have been pushed down and kept down for years now in an effort by the feds to stimulate growth in the economy.  Inflation will need to become a threat before rates will be raised.  Might be years.  Tough if you are on a fixed income and want to keep your money in a low risk investment.  No return whatsoever.

When I got home, the mailman rang the bell and handed me a big blue bag.  I thought maybe something had come apart in transit, but he said it was from England.  Must be some kind of customs bag.  Then I remembered the book.    

I cut the security tag and spread out the packaging.  Woven plastic burlap with four plastic eyelets sewn on.  “Royal Mail.”  A crown!  Rest assured I did not order a book from the royal library.  I guess it is good to have an address, any address, in England.

Seems like quite a lot of bother for the small box inside which contained an even smaller book.

Magnus Mills’ latest–Screwtop Thompson.  Signed first edition (signature removed for posting).  

My father-in-law taught me that.  Before you buy a book, check bookfinder.com for signed first editions.  Unless the book is wildly popular, you may find a signed first edition for close to the price of new.  A signed first edition is more likely to hold its value and maybe one in a hundred will appreciate nicely.  I haven’t followed his advice often (I prefer to check out books from the library), but for Magnus Mills I make an exception.  Obviously, if investment return is your goal, don’t order a book from England.  The $20 shipping will tack on another 20 years until I can resell the book for what I paid for it (unless Magnus Mills becomes wildly collectable).    

The Bullseye pulleys I couldn’t resist arrived, too.  I went with a subdued color (my other set, in use, is anodized red).  I’ll stash these away for a special project in the future.  

What else?  Not much.  Frida has the right idea.  I’d love to join her, but I have a bit more work.  Soon enough, however, the weekend will arrive.  Lovely!



2 responses to “Well I’ll Be!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed his All Quiet on the Orient Express that I picked up at a library sale (fill a box for $2!) and I’ve never thought to see what else he wrote. Thanks for the encouragement! (…and you didn’t even know it…)

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