World Travels

So I ride this (it is so upright and comfortable and therefore perfect in light of my injured paw):

To get to here:

I buy this:

As I listen, I go to Neutral Milk Hotel’s website, which takes me to WFMU.  Intrigued, I make my way to their blog.  Next thing I know, I am in Poland looking at this work by Aleksandra Waliszewska:

Her blog sends me to Spain.  At least I think I am in Spain, but it is not clear.  They send me here.

I am laughing and happy and confused all at once, but I stick with it.  Then I go in for another, and it is happy and fun and not at all confusing.

I stopped there.



4 responses to “World Travels

  1. Ah, I remember that ANT bike. And I remember wondering what’s in the little tin box. I like some of Aleksandra Waliszewska’s work.

  2. WFMU is the best radio on planet earth. If you dig Jeff Mangum’s work, check out Theater Fire.

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