High Five Alone Makes No Sound

So here I sit, minding my own (monkey) business.  Playing a little Scrabble on Pogo.com.  I open by exchanging a few tiles.  The computer opens with “zit.”  My freshened rack allows me to play “rations” by hanging the “i” off of “zit” to create “ziti.”  My initial reaction was to hang the “s” off of “zit,” but I quickly saw the error of my ways and shifted the word down.  

Opening with a bingo is always fun.  Grabbing an extra ten by using the “z” is gravy.  The real happiness, though, comes from playing my first ever double-double.  Both the “r” and “s” in “rations” were placed on doubles, such that the points for “rations” are quadrupled.  Apparently opening with 87 points demoralized the computer, as computer didn’t lay anything on its next turn.  The clock ran out and the game just froze.  Forfeit!

Next move would have been to lay “had” under “zit” to also form “za” and “id” to bank another 29 points.  The computer did the right thing by moving on.  The tiles were clearly with me.

Better go pedal.


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