Knocking on Wood

The predicted nor’easter had my knickers in a tight twist.  Yesterday was spent cleaning gutters, replacing heated gutter tape and fretting about shoveling I shouldn’t do with my bum hand and the all but certain loss of electricity.  Storm-fear also kept us from going to what I know would have been a wonderful party.  Lucky for once, this nor-easter turned to the east of us.  Two million have lost power, but we didn’t get enough snow to stick to the pavement.

I was happy to wake to all the various power indicator lights staring me down.   I see a few downed limbs, but even those surprise as we received only a few inches of snow.  Must have been terribly heavy.  If we’d gotten the seven inches predicted for our town, the results would have been horrible.  I wonder how the occupiers are fairing?

Even though we hunkered down in preparation for a storm that missed us, last night was far from a total loss.   We made a nice meal and enjoyed Skyping with friends.  We made seitan cutlets dredged in flour and cornmeal, then fried and finally topped with a white wine sauce (sauteed onions, garlic and roasted fennel then added and reduced stock, some pinot gris from Oregon, lemon, basil, salt, red pepper and black pepper).  A side of ravioli from the freezer and tomato sauce from a jar rounded out the plate.  So good I was sad to take the last bite, and it was as lovely as it was delicious.  I also enjoyed a nightcap consisting of hot cider spiked with pear vodka.  Buying the pear vodka was an obvious mistake (I knew so at the counter, but home it came anyway).  This application and a few years may make the bottle go away.

If the meal wasn’t so good and fulfilling, we would not have survived the swell of jealousy as our friends in Portland planned their take out meals from local vegan food carts.  One was getting a burger that sounded amazing (and it must be as she gets it every week if not more often) and the other was getting a soyrizo burrito with rice, avocado and salsa.  What a town!

Cooking last night was extra fun because Lacey and I worked together.  We both cook, but it is usually one or the other.  Working side by side is uncommon, but this could be changing.  Last night was a delight with both of us moving in and out of each and every aspect of the preparation.  Almost without speaking.  Just doing the work with love and respect for each each other and the ingredients.  Injuring my hand and relying on Lacey to help more than usual has put my head in a good place.  I am happy to have another example of her essential goodness.  I am so lucky!   

I’ve covered my paw with a bandage each night for the last three nights, then left it open during the day to allow air.  The first time I removed the bandage was terrible.  I hated the sight of it but was powerless but to steal glances every minute.  It made me queasy.   The second day was worse.  I won’t go into details, but I was really anxious about whether it was going to heal poperly.  Saturday, though, the tide turned.  The surface was leveling and the coloration was closer to human.  I haven’t taken off the bandage today (I will wait until breakfast is done), but I am optimistic.  Walking around all day treating my hand like an explosive device with a touch sensitive detonator is getting old.  Such a little injury in the grand scheme, but it is all relative.  I haven’t had many injuries, so this is new to me and it sucks.  Very excited to close this chapter.

Take care of your paws and your loves!


2 responses to “Knocking on Wood

  1. In Stumptown that much snow would have caused a city wide shutdown.

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