Occupy This

We pedaled to Occupy Albany on Sunday.  An impressive occupation.  Course they have a website.  We arrived in time for a full buffet dinner.  It all looked wonderful (all vegan but the apple crisp–I love these occupiers!), but we opted to leave the food for the dedicated occupiers. 

So many tents!  Lacey’s first question was where do they go to the bathroom.  At a welcome table was a sign and a map with all the local public toilets listed, hours and all.  

I understand they decided to occupy Academy Park, a city park abutting Lafayette park, in hopes that the local law enforcement would leave them alone.   It seems to be working.  No law enforcement in sight.  Drums and guitars aplenty, though.  My favorite sign was leaning against a tent.  “I HATE DRUM CIRCLES” it said.  Must be hard to catch a nap at times.  

We didn’t talk with anyone.  Felt kinda shy and no one approached us.  It was our anniversary, so we felt ok with cocooning in public.  Want to meet the people of Occupy Albany?  All Over Albany, a really wonderful local blog, did just that and shared with us the results of their efforts.

A woman was making a sign and asked the crowd for help drawing a skull.  I accepted the challenge and the Sharpie and ripped out a cartoony version.  Not sure what I was depicting as dead or deadly.  I just drew the skull and moved on.  A small contribution, but I was glad to help.

I understand their frustration.  Voting doesn’t seem to do much to correct the inequalities elbowing their way into our system.  Maybe it is time to try another tactic.  I hope they get what they want.  I hope you get what you want, too.  Me?  I’ve got the best wife in the world.  The best dog, too.  Wonderful friends.  A fine place to live.  Food.  Health.  Fulfilling work.  For now (knocking on wood), I will continue to occupy my corner of Albany, but I am very impressed with the folks making Occupy Albany a reality.  New patriots, all!  Thank you!

Be well.


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