Scrabble out last night.  I lost the first but won the second.  Our friend was visiting when I got home.  Her mother just died.  We stayed up late and I had a couple of extra glasses of Hennepin (the growler demands to be finished), so today I hurt some.

The house is cold.  I took a break from work to warm up under winter weight covers.  TV offered The Beaches of Agnes.

That, an aspirin, a quartered pear and some tortilla chips have me  feeling much better.  When I listen to music at just the right volume, I often tear up (it makes me so happy).  I now know that Agnes Varda does this for me, too.  Her life and work are so beautiful.   Someone should name a confection after her.  I have so much respect for and gratitude toward people who make music, films, any art.  Thank you all.

Tonight, a memorial reception.  Tomorrow, a wedding.  Monday, our 19th wedding anniversary.

The work week is over for thousands of state employees and the human herd is on the move.  Their rubber shod hooves are rolling loudly over the bypass faster than the law allows.  Another friend wonders each day whether it will be his last working for the state.  He is taking classes at the local community college to learn about solar voltaic panels and is enjoying it mightily.

I hope Lacey comes home to me soon.

Be well.


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