Old Friends

A new friend alerted me to the sale of one of my old bicycles–a Faggin racer.  I had sold it to a friend years ago and word is it was resold and is now for sale by that third owner.  These pictures are from the seller’s craigslist page:

I am sad to report that it looks like the Faggin sustained a frontal impact.  The fork looks bent back and the tire is nearly touching the frame.  I hope I am wrong.  Might me a funny angle, but it is hard to miss once you see it.  Here is the bicycle just before I sold it in 2008:

See the inch or two of space between the tire and downtube?  Even so, the bicycle is being sold with what appear to be the original wheels.  I haven’t ever ridden a bicycle into anything and bent a fork, but I suspect the force required to bend a fork might also bent the rim.  Or maybe not.  I just don’t know.

I would consider the sale price to be pretty aggressive, too.  I think it is at least double the price I sold it for.  While this bicycle might sell for this much to a drunk investment banker on bonus day (even with the suspected fork damage), I think the price is easily double the appropriate price for a craigslist sale in Albany.  That said I have been known to sell things too cheaply (and buy things for too much–I am the guy in the transaction that gives the other guy the great story about the killer deal they just cut).

It isn’t easy for me to sell bicycles (or anything really).  I tend to want to keep things and care for them.  I worry when I sell things that the new owner won’t try as hard to care for the item.  Example.  Yesterday I took a mid-century bench in for a repair and was talked into replacing the vinyl seat cover material with new vinyl.  The repair will cost three times what I paid for the bench and the bench as restored won’t be worth half of what I will have into it.  Crazy, but an illustration of how I try to care for things that come into my possession.

I am not trying to pick a fight with the seller.  I hope I am wrong about the suspected damage and I hope the bike sells for the asking price.  I am just sad that an old bicycle of mine will have a third home in as many years.  I really need to learn to let things go!  Also, if the fork is bent, I don’t want anyone to get hurt should the fork damage lead to a failure.  No one wants that.  I’ll write to the seller and ask about the suspected fork damage.  If it is damaged, maybe the seller will reflect that in the description.  We’ll see!

Take care!


4 responses to “Old Friends

  1. i don’t even want to see any more of that poor bike than you posted!
    that awesome bike didn’t fit me as well as my landshark so i let it go to a friend for a generous price who was in need. oof to say the least.

    • Sad if it is damaged. I just sent a note to the seller suggesting that they disclose any known damage and that if they are unsure they should have a bike shop look at it and revise the sale post accordingly. That is all I can do. That, and practice letting go!

      Take care, friend!

  2. That bike definitely took a front end hit.

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