Can You See?

Hot off the press (the tv, to be accurate)–the NY DMV has dropped the requirement for a vision test for folks renewing their licenses.  All you have to do now is self-certify that you can see.  Easy!  Terrible!  The reporter indicated that the DMV rep claimed they eliminated vision tests in response to Cuomo’s direction to streamline agencies.  Funny thing to eliminate.  When I renewed my license a couple of years ago, the DMV didn’t administer the tests.  Instead,  I had to present to the DMV form MV-619 signed by my optometrist.  The cost and effort was placed (as it should be) on the person seeking permission to operate a motor vehicle.  Not on the DMV.  What exactly, then, does the DMV save by eliminating the requirement?  Beats me.

Walking Frida this morning a motorist blew through a red light I had illuminated by pressing the button at the cross walk.  In front of a school.  As luck would have it, a police officer in a cruiser was two cars back.  Did nothing.  I threw up my hands and exclaimed “Can’t you help me out here!?”  The officer said “With what?” I said the car had run the red.  He said he didn’t see it.  The car was stopped half a block in front of us (at the next red light), but got a free pass nonetheless.  Sickening!

To come home to the news that motorists now get to self-certify that they can see is just a little more than I am comfortable accepting.  Write to Governor Cuomo and tell him that you are upset (assuming you are, that is).  I just sent him a link to this post.



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