Put a Wrench on It

When I was in Troy to drop off my amp for work, I stepped into a new to me shop called Design It Together.

A must visit place, I must say.  I won’t waste your time describing their mission.  Their website does a great job of that.  I carried out this little number.

I will use it to carry tools when I have to take my bicycle repair skills on the road.

The mail carrier delivered a five volume manual covering the basics of electricity called, wait for it, Basic Electricity.  The preface let me know this five volume set (and another called Basic Electronics–too excited that I just found this six volume set as well and it will soon be on its way!) is currently (as in October, 1954) used to teach sailors at Navy speciality schools.  A fellow posting to a hifi forum tipped me off to the wonderfulness of the first two volumes of this set, but I see no reason to stop there (and not to devour all six volumes of Basic Electronics as well).

hot tip to pass along from a good friend.  Amazon Trade-Ins!  Click merrily there and enter the name of a book, dvd, video game or electronic and a computer robot will display an amount an unseen force will give you for it.  If you proceed, you will be shown a prepaid label to print.  Use it to send in your goodies.  If the unseen force likes the condition of your goodies, said force will post to your account an Amazon gift card for the promised value of the goodies.  If your goodies aren’t in acceptable condition,  your goodies will be returned to you for free (or you can let them keep your goodies, which seems like an odd thing to opt for but the clear choice for the eco and minimalists).  I sent three video games and two dvds and got $62!  Took about five days all in.  Some items I entered were much less valuable (like a buck).  Those I didn’t send (and some sold at my garage sale).  Best part is I just used some of that dough to buy the Basic Electronics set.  What isn’t to love?

Finally, I am pleased to share this fellow’s work.  A kindred spirit, it seems.  If only I lived in grand old Colorado!  If you enjoyed looking at my Bikecology Summer 1981 posts (based on zero likes and comments, I will conclude you all loved those pages as much as I enjoyed posting them), you will love this fellows work.  Peruse and enjoy with my blessings.

Cold weather is here.  Forty-five when I woke up.  Scares me.  While I am happy to be all snuggly warm in my hoodie once again, I am not looking forward to the less savory aspects of months in the deep freeze.

Hope you are well!


2 responses to “Put a Wrench on It

  1. Thanks a lot for the shout out, im glad the bag is working out!!

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