Apparently this is not the time of year to neglect daily visits to the garden.  It had been four days since I last went, and I came home with this:

For dinner last night I roasted the beets and the broccoli, so those are processed and the leftovers should hang well in the fridge for a week or so (but will probably be gone sooner).  The tomatoes and tomatillos are now enchilada sauce and green salsa, respectively.

Both salsas are blended before cooking, but the enchilada sauce gets a second session in the blender.  

That leaves the beans, cabbage and radish to address.  The radish will probably be eaten raw.  The fermented radish is interesting, but on the edge of odd.  I will eat all that I fermented, but I probably won’t ferment radish alone again.  The beans and the cabbage will probably be prepared Indian style for dinner tonight.  I have some rice in the fridge from lunch yesterday, so it should go together easily.

I didn’t have a full two cup of rice so I threw in a third of a cup of wheat berries.  Pressure cooker instructions said wheat berries need to be soaked a minimum of four hours.  I read that after I had already tossed the wheat berries and the rice in the cooker and added the water–no turning back.  I guess I could have left the whole of it to soak for four hours and cooked something else for lunch, but where is the adventure in that?  Twenty minutes under pressure and both the rice and the wheat were well cooked.  Good texture.  Score!

The balance of the year at the garden should present cabbages for kraut, watermelon, tomatillos, tomatoes, beans and dinosaur kale.  So much!  The kraut will find room in the basement fridge, but both freezers are already packed such that storing the cooked kale will be a challenge.  Must plant less of everything next year!

I have been biking a little each day for recreation.  Today looks like it will be the nicest day of the year, but I still feel shagged from yesterday’s ride.  I pedaled only 12 miles, but I pushed myself pretty hard.  Maybe the crazy cooking sessions last night and this morning have also taken a toll.  No need to decide now.  I might be revved up for a ride again this afternoon.

Nothing else to report.  How is your garden?  How are your legs and lungs?  I hope all are tip top.  Take care.


4 responses to “Neglect

  1. I must inquire, how big is your plot? I have 5 x 15 and I’ve never brought a haul like that back! I will be picking up some Hatch chiles this weekend, though, so hopefully a good enchilada sauce is in my future. I do envy you your garden!

    • Hatch chiles! You are in LA, right? You are so lucky. People do grow chiles here, but I haven’t had the confidence to try. I think my plot is a little larger than that. Maybe 8 by 20? I’d have to measure it. Anyway, that was an extraordinary harvest. We are really at the peak of the season for some plants. WIth the hurricane coming, I need to get over there and bring home what I can. Otherwise things will just get beat up and blown off the vines. Bummer! Be well.

  2. Yep, I’m in LA, so Hatch chiles are *almost* a local product. I’ve had luck with bell peppers and I have a chili arbol that’s been going strong for three years now and is currently drowning me in superhot chiles. Only ever harvested a half dozen tomatillos though–they don’t seem to flourish here.

    • Location, location! I made it to the garden to harvest what I could. I brought home what feels like 15 pounds of tomatoes, another pound of beans and ten small heads of cabbage. As I type, Irene is starting some long-distance breathing and spitting on our house (she isn’t supposed to be here in person until 1:00 pm). I don’t like it, Erin. I don’t like it one bit!

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