Food that Comforts

I grew up eating Runzas.  This is a brand name for some old world recipe consisting of meat and cabbage in a bun.  I veganized a recipe some years ago and used part of the cabbage I picked yesterday to whip up a batch.  They are in the oven now with seven minutes to go, so I am going to write fast.

Dough:  Mix in a small bowl 1.5T dry yeast, 0.5C sugar, and 2t salt.  Add 2C of 110 degree water and stir.  Mix 1.5t Ener-G egg replacer and 2T water in a second bowl and put this on the first bowl.  Add to the first bowl 0.25C oil.  Mix it all.  Put in a big bowl 6.5C flour.  I use 1/2 white pastry and 1/2 whole wheat pastry.  Put the first bowl into the flour bowl and mix the dough.  Knead for a minute or so and let rise covered for a couple of hours.

While this magic is transpiring saute a chopped onion in oil.  Add one pound of shredded seitan, salt, pepper and whatever herbs trip it for you.  This time I used dill and caraway seeds.  I think salt and pepper alone is pretty traditional, but it is fun to mix it up.  Remove this from the pan whenever.  It is just seitan, right, so no need to cook it.  Put more oil in the pan and saute 1/4 head of shredded cabbage.  When you are bored of this process, add the wilted cabbage to the seitan and onion mixture.  Stir it all up and adjust seasonings.

Aw heck.  They are done.  Double heck!  I just felt my first earthquake!  Yikers!  Now I really need some comfort food!  Wait a minute.  That link is to an earthquake that happened at 6:35 this morning.  I didn’t feel that.  I just felt the Virginia quake!  WTF?  

Anyway, punch down dough, form a ball and divide it into 16 balls.  Roll each into a 12″ square.  Add about a 1/2 cup of filling to each and fold ’em up.  I fold the sides in and then fold the ends over.  Doesn’t really matter, as you’ll place the folds on the underside.

Bake for 20 minutes at 350.  Done.  Reheat refrigerated buns at 350 for 12 minutes.  Reheat frozen buns wrapped in foil for 20 minutes at 400.



2 responses to “Food that Comforts

  1. Christina Abbott

    Hi Randy – I know nothing about bikes, but love the blog, especially when you make yummy food and post photos/recipes. 🙂

    I’ll have to try these Runzas sometime!

    Christina (and Tim)

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