Treasure from Milwaukee

Ben’s Cycle fulfilled my wishes and passed the baton to UPS, whose truck I heard rumble up yesterday afternoon.  I was in the back of the house, but I was outside before the driver hit the driveway (excited for the treasures and wanted to prevent the doorbell, and then my dog, from sounding).  Treasures part one come (mostly) from Tokyo, Japan.  

Nitto B-617 Promenade bars for use on a to be identified project needing some francophiling.  No surprises in the Nitto bar.  Beautiful work as always.  A classic shape, but one I haven’t tried.  Bars are one of three points of contact with a bicycle, so their shape and positioning can make or break a pedaling experience.  We’ll see what these do for me.  The Dia-Compe brake levers follow the curve of the bar to complete the look.  Very tidy.  I didn’t expect the levers to be as well finished and solid as they are.  Dia-Compe is a first rate company, to be sure, but the price point suggested I would get something less than I did.  Probably not made in Tokyo, right?  The Nitto Dynamic stem will go into the bullpen as well, awaiting a project that will come sooner than I expect if past patterns persist.  At $18.00, I simply could not resist.  The seatpost bolt cable hanger is something I often need when I get a bare frame.  The last time I needed one, I fashioned one from a spoke (remember the Duke?).  The result was acceptable, but I wouldn’t trust it for third party use.

Treasures part two come from Phil Wood.  A grease gun!  Totally unnecessary but I expect it to be totally fun.  I feel all butch just having it in the home (I wrote this before I saw the Esquire article referenced below–eerie).  See, Phil Wood links to an Esquire Magazine article covering 80 things a man should own.  I did and, well, apparently I am about half a man.  I do have the Phil Wood grease cited in the article, though, and now a gun from which to shoot it (bonus points?).  Pow pow. 

Phil Wood Bio-Lube?  Phil Wood has this to say about it.  The MSDS looks pretty clean, too.  

That’s enough for now.  Be well.


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