Tools, Accessories, Lubes, Books and Fenders

It has been an age since I added pages from the Bikecology Summer 1981 catalog.  First up, the Campagnolo cone wrenches I should have bought in the first place.  Nothing wrong with my Parks.  I even picked up a set of the Kingsbridge cone wrenches from my father in law.  Why’d he have those?  He must have wondered the same thing, so he gave them to me.  That little 3-way wrench is still easy to get.  I got mine from Rivendell.  I use it most every day.  

What’s here?  I remember the Flickstand fondly.  I have one in a box, but none on a bike just now.  You know I love mirrors.

White Campagnolo grease.  Something else I have never used.  Must be magical.  

Books!  Interesting that the Campagnolo catalog commanded nearly as much as the Sutherland’s manual.  Never seen one before.  They must be special.  Blumel’s fenders, too!  Someone needs to make these again.  I would have them on most every bicycle.

Four and out.  That’s the formula and I am sticking to it.  Near as I can tell, I am the only one who finds this catalog interesting.  Whatever!  I started it and I will finish it.  It will be here if anyone decides to care.

I pedaled a little six mile loop in the country this morning on a Specialized Allez.  A more modern bicycle that shifts and brakes really well.  Fancy training tires with slicks and reflective sidewalls pumped to 90 psi.  In the end, though, it didn’t ride that much differently from the Motobecane.  This new to me little loop starts and ends the same as the loop I did  yesterday, but it cuts out not only distance but some rough hills.  It felt good to get out, but I wish I had done the full loop.  It was such a pretty morning.  The little loop offers little in the way of scenery.  The bigger loop, on the other hand, shows farms, horses and hills.  Tomorrow.

Take care!


One response to “Tools, Accessories, Lubes, Books and Fenders

  1. Randy! I’d love to go on the loop ride with you tomorrow, before I pop into work, if that’s something you would be into.

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