A couple deals closed this morning.  Another one tomorrow and a fourth at the end of the week.  With any luck, after four closings, things will be a bit more quiet for a time.  I am wrecked!

Raining today, so I made zucchini bread with one of those extra zucchinis that growers throw at you if you are anything less than adamant about not wanting the things.  I grew none this year knowing how much pleasure I can give growers by taking their extra zucchini.  Quite the opposite of being a grower and feeling like a heel for offering the things.  In small quantities, zucchini is a heck of treat, right?   The bread looks great out of the oven.  The fluffiest I have ever seen.  The recipe called for white flour, but I used half whole wheat.  Didn’t seem to weight the loaves down much.  The fat in the recipe is tahini.  The batter tasted good.  Should make nice loaves.  Excited to try them.  The recipe came from Vegan Planet.  A good cookbook.

Saw Cea Marie perform at the Red Dot in Hudson this weekend.  Christina and a guitar held my attention all night.  What a talent!  I had no idea.  I mean I haven’t known her long, but she had plenty of opportunities to brag and has barely said a word.  If I could do what she can do, I’d carry a guitar with me everywhere and make everyone listen every second.  Not her.  Pure modesty.  The performance was all the more enjoyable because we got to watch it with our new friend and Christina’s partner Tim and our old friends Devon and Shirley.  What a great crew of friends we are gaining.  We are so lucky!

Brought her CD home and that was another kind of wonderful altogether.  Again with the wonderful songs and voice, but the full band and the style differences helped me see that she is indeed someone we should be paying attention to.  Thanks for sharing your work!  Loving it!

I think the rain has slowed so I should get Frida out.  I hope your weekend was great.


2 responses to “Quiet

  1. How to grow zucchini: Plant two. Hope one of them dies.

    City guy goes to visit his friend in rural Vermont. Vermont guy takes him for a drive to the country store and when they get there tells city guy to be sure to lock his door when he gets out.

    CG: Really? I wouldn’t think you had that much of a crime problem here. Do people really steal things out of your car?

    VG: Steal? Hell no. It’s August, if we don’t lock the doors by the time we come out the car will be full of ******* zucchini!

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