I am surfing a wave that is a one million item to do list.  I am in the curl and ahead of all others.  Waiting for others to catch up is hard, but it is harder to be the one tagged, ’cause when you’re tagged your it and being it is hard.  For me anyway.  Enough with the obfuscation.  What is up?

Pedaled the Motobecane to the garden today.  First I stopped to show the (previous) owner her (my) reconditioned bike.  She was happy to see that it would be used, but not much more than that.  No emotional attachment.  How do people do that?  I am jealous.  I can’t bring as much as a zip lock bag into my life without getting all attached.  I am not a hoarder.  I keep things, but I try to not bring things into my life in a quantity greater than I can store with a modicum of grace.  Even so, some might say I have too many bicycles.  On most days I would agree.

I had to use the touch of a surgeon on the Mafac levers to not emit sounds waking ancestors of the dead.  I was so careful with the feathering that I nearly slow rolled into a couple of runners.  They smiled.  I smiled.  It was all good.  By the time I got home, the pads seemed to be quieting down a bit.  Even so, I ordered the Koolstop pads and will put them in when they arrive.

The garden offered up a Velocipak handlebar bag full of treasures.  Aside:  Velocipak!  Boulder, Colorado, back in the day!  Why oh why did they not call me and ask me to move to Boulder and sew bags for them?  What a life!  Sweat-shopping it all day long and then evenings of cheap beer, bean burritos and pedaling amongst the mountains.  Sigh.

Anyway, the white radishes have been scrubbed, shredded and massaged with the finest sea salts and are now resting in a cool crock.  I have never had fermented radish.  I have never heard of fermented radish.  I am going to have a half-gallon in a week, so I hope it is good.

The tomatillos are going to be turned into another batch of green salsa.  I will cook this batch just to experience the difference.  There have to be two more loads of tomatillos on the vines.  Two plants might have been one too many.  Do not plant more than one tomatillo plant ever unless you want to become a green salsa factory.  These things produce!

I moved a couple of loads of compost into the garden, to be spread about as vines are cleared.  All the dill came out (no more cucumbers, so little need for dill in a quantity beyond the little volunteers that show up every day) and saved the heads.  I will use the seeds for bread and whatnot.  Three or so huge watermelons are doing the ripening thing.  Scared to open any up until the end of the summer (I want fully ripe melons).  I hope come September you aren’t sick of watermelon–I will have enough for all, all at once.

Enjoy your lovely Friday.  Weekend might be awesome, too!


2 responses to “Fridayness

  1. “I can’t bring as much as a zip lock bag into my life without getting all attached.”
    Best. Line. Ever.

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