Hubs, Rims and Tools both Big and Small

I haven’t forgotten the Bikecology Summer 1981 catalog.  Hubs from Campagnolo, Shimano, O.M.A.S and Gipiemme.  These are all beautiful hubs.  If you are ever lucky enough to build your own wheel or commission the building of a wheel, do not select anything less than the best hub you can afford.  Same with rims and spokes.  Wheels are expensive to build and once built, it isn’t so easy to change the hub or rim.  You can easily replace one spoke, but replacing all isn’t easy.  Do it right the first time and enjoy the wheel for thousands of happy miles.   Find any of these hubs today and build with them.  They are all fine hubs.Rims!  Hooray for Super Champion Gentlemens!  That’s what I want to be–a super champion gentleman.  The best gentleman in the world.  I fail.  I try harder.   The Colnago branded toe clip straps are hard not to desire.Wheel building stands!  I bought a used Park stand and love it.  I find it interesting that they offered a knock off on the same page.Small tools!  Why doesn’t Park sell the two sided crank puller so that the one time you run into the TA or Stronglight crank all you have to do is remove the extractor from the handle and turn it around?  Maybe they did market research and determined that no one ever used the second side and making it one sided was cheaper.  Better to raise the price and give people both sides.  Also, why didn’t I buy Campagnolo tools in 1981?  So cheap! More to come.  Take care.


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