Brakes, Rims, Pedals and Tubulars

Today I present four more pages from Bikecology Summer 1981 catalog for your enjoyment.  The first page is the juiciest.

The items which trip my trigger are the Phil Wood disc brakes and the Mafac brakes.  I have no need for the Phil Wood discs, but tandem tourists have always appreciated them.  I’d be interested to know how they compare to the modern disc brakes.  My guess is the Phil Woods are no better, but would still be a joy to try out if only for the rarity of the units.  Mafacs have always been a favorite of mine.  Simple and beautiful.  Note the suggestion to run two cantilever brakes and one caliper brake on a tandem.  How does that work?  Since 70% of your stopping power comes form your front brake, seems like you’d want the canti and caliper up front, but with only one attachment point (the fork), that can’t be right.  Maybe two brakes in the back, one on each set of stays, works.  The rear wheel on a tandem probably has better traction than on a single person bicycle, such that two brakes in the rear won’t overcome the available friction and cause a skid.  Also, note that one of the levers accommodated two cables.  So weird!  Have you ever seen such a set up?  Finally, the Modolo Professional brakes  are nothing to sneeze at–its just that I saw so many of them as a kid so I am desensitized to their wonderfulness.  Still, wish I had a set, or twelve, now!

Mathauser brake pads!  Such love and attention showered on such a pedestrian part.  An important part, though, don’t you think?  Hard not to fall in love with the finned aluminum bodies.  I wish I had these on all my bikes.  Sadly, I have never so much as held a pair in my hands.

You know I am a fan of pedals.  Its the part that connect my motors to the bicycle.  Nothing wrong with Campagnolo pedals.  In fact, everything is right.  Smooth bearings.  Pretty.  Fully serviceable.  Even so, the SunTour Superbe pedals steal the show.  More modern in appearance without losing track of history.  Bearings are without equal.  Apparently a good value, too, when compared to the Campagnolo Super Records.  

I have no experience with tubular tires.  I watched a friend glue up a set once, but that is it.  I suspect I’d love them.  Maybe someday.

What else?  Three gallons of pickles are done and in the fridge.  Another half gallon souring up now.

Found this paper in the trash pile outside of a home that was probably being cleaned for sale.  Prominently featured is the The Warren Report delivered in connection with the JFK assassination.  Knickerbocker News, September 28, 1964.  Excited to read through it all.

Didn’t enjoy getting buzzed by a biker as Lacey and I were waiting at a red light.  We were stopped in single file at the curb with cars to our left.  I was about to turn to say hey to Lacey when the gentleman blazed between us and the cars and through the red light.  Messenger style, but he wasn’t a messenger.  We were one block from the intersection as where Diva was killed and her ghost bike was visible from where we stood.  Had I taken a step to the right, he would have creamed me.  I didn’t know I had to hold my line at stop signs.  Yikers.

Oh ya.  Heat wave.  No AC here, but it isn’t so bad.  I spent the second half of yesterday in the basement which helped a great deal.  That’s it.  I hope you are well.  Happy Friday!


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