Just got back from a week on the Cape.  What a delight!  We stayed in Provincetown.  Bike friendly to the max.  Traffic calming?  The roads are narrow and twisty.  Thousands of pedestrians, dogs and bikers, so the few people who bother with cars go slow.  We biked and walked everywhere,  but drove when we wanted to take Frida to the beach.  I rarely left first gear, so I was traveling at about 15 mph, tops.  Not holding anyone up, either.  They all go slow!  Heaven!

We brought our Bridgestone city bikes.  A Bridgestone CB-1 for Lacey and a Bridgestone CB-0 for me.  Two years ago we brought our ANTs, but this year we opted to go downscale.  Easier to be easygoing when you aren’t locking up a potential museum piece.

Seemed like some people are there because they like to bike, but most use bikes because bikes are the best thing to use.  These folks are wobbly, don’t know the rules and can barely get up hills.  Few helmets and no lights at night really brings home the casual biking attitude.  Even so, it works well.  Mostly because everyone is careful.  Most everyone.  One fatality while we were there.  A motorist struck a person walking a bike.  A terrible reality of mixing cars and people outside of cars.

The bicycles!  We saw almost every kind of bicycle imaginable.  Lots of discount store mountain bikes, but also vintage three-speeds, recumbents, racers, folders, tandems and comfort jobbies.  Even a pilgrim on a trike!

The beaches were beautiful.  Cold water, but even I made it in to swim once.  Bouncing in the waves was super fun.  One highlight was spending an evening on a beach with a bonfire.  Our neighbors (who were in Provincetown at the same time as us) orchestrated that treat.  The sun was setting in the west over the ocean and a full moon was rising in the east.  Magical.  No pictures.

One of my favorite seaside activities was finding seaweed.  Is there an app to help you know which is edible?  Maybe it all is?  

Frida found a place to hide outside our cottage, so she was happy.  We didn’t let her stay there as much as she wanted, but she enjoyed her safe hiding hole for a spell.

Pedaled to a lighthouse.  Maybe seven miles away.  That is the furthest we ventured.  No need to go further.  Everything was at hand.  

The lighthouse was near a cliff below which was another beautiful beach.

Lacey looking pretty (as always).  She’s wearing her new “Whiskey Makes Me Frisky” t-shirt.  What a hoot.Other treats?  No vegan restaurants, but plenty of vegan chow.  Good stuff, too.  Saw Roseanne Cash perform in a small tent at the Cape Cod National Seashore.  Went to see Bob Mould give a reading from his new book.  I could go on and on, but I am starting to get sad that it is over.  Need to pedal to the garden and the grocery store anyway.

I did make it to the garden yesterday.  I picked twelve pounds of cucumbers and forty heads of garlic.  Added horseradish leaves and dill from the home garden and now have three gallons of dills souring on the counter.  Hooray for dill pickles.  In about a week or two.  Stop by!


2 responses to “Provincetown

  1. ahh! so fun!
    I have a book which talks about *some* edible seaweeds…I can neither find the book in the house nor the name of it online…I think it’s some handwritten thing I got in a health food store, to be honest. But if you find an app, I want it!

    I can never ride a bike with you. I’m wobbly and walk up all hills! The shame! I need to force myself to ride to work. But coming home at 1 am scares me!

    • Oops! Didn’t mean to sound judgmental–just trying to be descriptive. I like biking with anyone, especially friends! Thanks for looking for the book. I am so rarely near oceans, though. Maybe someday.

      Thanks for writing! Later!

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