This garden season my biggest thrill seems to come from being done with things.  It felt great to pull out all the chinese cabbage and radishes (bugs will have to look for a snack somewhere else).  It felt great to put up a shit ton of kimchi.  It felt great to pack the kimchi in jars, put the jars in the fridge and take the crock off the counter.  Done!

I thoroughly enjoyed pulling out two rows of cilantro (can’t get bitter and go to seed now) and turning it into fourteeen cubes of frozen cilantro chutney.  Waiting to pep up meals in the coming months.   Done! 

Have I said too many times how much I love working form home?  No brown bag for me.  Today I made time to put together baked burritos for lunch.  Refried black beans in whole wheat tortillas with homemade enchilada sauce I whizzed up (the goal was to clean out the perishables in the fridge, so I threw into the blender half a jar of tomato sauce, a pint of homemade salsa, a half cup of cooked salsa, four roasted poblanos, cooked onions, cumin, salt, sugar and a handful of ground ancho).  Used half for the burritos and froze a quart for whenever.  Done!  

To revive previously roasted potatoes, I threw them in the oven during the last ten minutes for the burritos.  Lettuce and cucumber from the garden made a nice side.

Finished a huge project for work.  Mega-done!   Rarely a thanks, but I understand.  No payment for a month or two, but I can pay the bills and buy food, so not a problem.  The best reward is putting the project out of my mind.  I love clearing the mental decks.  What next?  Cucumbers are starting to march off vines and into my life, so a crock of pickles should happen before too long.

Summer is pretty wonderful for me just now.  At times like this I can’t help but stop and think of the people for whom today feels like the absolute bottom.  I’ll be there soon enough, but someone, millions of someones, are hurting today.  Maybe every day for weeks and years.  Even as my heart feels light, I make space to absorb some of their pain.  I wish I could make you all a nice meal.  We could sit and eat and maybe talk.  Just a few hours away from it all to get a look at things from another angle.  Might help.  If I can’t find you and you can’t find me, I hope you find a kitchen that can give you a good meal with good friends and conversation.  Seek it out.  People love to cook for others.  To share what they have.  Is there anything better?

Be well.


8 responses to “Done

  1. What a great embrace of completion. Thanks for affirming this most unfortunate, desirable, satisfying, compelling, and beautifully achievable and impossible function of our days. We do it all the time, we do it for the same things all the time, and we do it for new and novel things regularly. Still doesn’t stop that feeling, though. and that’s a wonder, a gift, a blessing.

    And I’m envious of your gardening focus, precision, chops and style. Cheers, mate. See you again.

  2. randy, lets get coffee soon!

    • From what I’ve read on your site, the only place I want to get coffee is your place. Right now we’re working our way through some burnt beyond recognition beans from a roaster I won’t ID. I can’t wait to get back to coffee with flavors other than dirty ashtray. Does your cell still end in 92? I have some crazy work obligations piling up, but I promise I will call soon!

      Thanks for the invite and for reading. Take care.

  3. what a lovely post. that enchilada sauce sounds so amazing!

    • You are kind. Thank you. Having found a mexican grocery with wonderful dried peppers, I have been having fun with salsas. Don’t work too hard (or at least any harder). Hope to see you soon!

  4. it does end in 92. i’m heading to brooklyn next weekend and ill be sure to bring back a few lbs of gimme/grumpy/intelligenstia for us to play with.

    keep peadlin!

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