Hydraulic Fornication

We are screwed.  No longer satisfied with contaminating drinking water the old fashioned way, we are going to inject poisons directly into the ground.  From there it can flow where it will and contaminate ground water.

Not good enough?  Not all of the water/toxin cocktail that is injected into the ground stays there.  Much returns back to the surface.  A single well can produce a million gallons of wastewater.  The wastewater contains the same chemicals that were added by the drilling company, plus bonus toxins released from the earth during the process.  Think carcinogens, radioactive materials and corrosives.  Wastewater is often hauled to sewage treatment plants not designed to process these materials.

Got earthquakes?  With hydraulic fracturing, we may enjoy more.  We are assured they have been and should be small.  Phew!  No need to buy a safety strap to secure my hot water heater to the wall, but maybe I should stop stacking jars in my pantry.

Won’t there be rigorous environmental reviews?  Talk to your friends that work in state and federal government.  They are overworked, lack critical resources and are pressured to achieve results dictated from above.  Try to go against the grain and you will be relocated or marginalized.  Unless the government wants to stop drilling, an environmental review will not stop any proposed well.  Proposed wells may be scooted a few hundred feet to the left or the right to comply with regulations.  Big deal!  I have zero confidence in the effectiveness of any environmental review.

A 60-day public comment period starts in August.  Start reading the NYDEC weekly bulletin then, or even now.  If I find something, I will share it.  Please don’t let this happen.  Raise your voice before it is too late!



2 responses to “Hydraulic Fornication

  1. Right on and yeesh. I’ve already given a crack at what was released to the press earlier last week. I’m thoroughly hoping more is released in the way of analysis and commentary to help almost all of us understand more than we have previously.

    but this is one of the only times I’ve been moved near to my understanding of the apex of despondency: good grief.

    • Thanks for your thoughts!

      Good grief is a funny phrase–what grief is good? We should change it to much grief. Too bad Charles Schultz isn’t here. We could have written to him and suggest that Charlie Brown make the switch. That CB has some serious stroke.

      Hope to see you soon.

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